Governor Vasip Sahin visited the TCDD 5 Regional Directorate

Governor Vasip Sahin visited TCDD 5 region: Governor Vasip Sahin visited the Regional Directorate of Uzeyir Ulker and visited the regional directorate and affiliated units of Malatya and social facilities.
Mr. Şahin, who was welcomed by the Regional Director Ülker, Deputy Director, Operation Manager and other officials, was briefed by Ülker about the regional directorate and activities.
In the briefing given by Ülker, as the 5th Regional Directorate; The most successful region in transportation and technical issues by showing a diligent work to achieve its primary target, which is to increase the share of TCDD in freight and passenger transportation, to reduce the landslides, to minimize toxins, to minimize deray events, to use locomotives efficiently and to realize the investments in maximum manner. Stating that they are the directorship, 53,57% increase has been achieved in the load filling compared to previous years. By dropping to 615 km 221%, Tehirler 64 min. He stated that by reducing from 174 minutes to 58%, the number of tekayüdat was reduced from 66 to 21 and 16% improvement was achieved.
Ülker, The duration of the period in freight trains 128 min. from 58 min. or, at the time of the passenger train duration 56 min. from 43 min. or, the fact that the average of the locomotive train cerri (efficient working time) was increased from 7.51 hours to 7.94 hours, the number of deray (derailment of the wheels) in the previous year 76 was reduced to 29, and in the 2013 155 realized 124 units 94 units with XNUMX units worth the investment. he said.
After the briefing, the Governor Şahin received information from the authorities and employees by visiting the Maintenance and Control Center with maintenance and repair shops, warehouses, social facilities, garage and platforms. After receiving information about the computer-aided new control center, he told the train mechanic and his employees in the meantime that they had success and happiness.

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