Gondola descent of the cable car to fly the real estate prices in the region

Gondola landing of the cable car in the region to fly the real estate prices: Gökdere to be extended to the region due to the ropeway project hit the lottery. Property prices have made ceilings. Nearly all of the property ads offered for sale were withdrawn.

The price increase in the neighborhoods of Selimzade, Meydancık, İncirli and Elmasbahçeler located around Gökdere Boulevard was the most real estate agents. Realtors said that even the name of the ropeway project has increased the housing prices.

Due to the cable car project of the Metropolitan Municipality, the day was born in the neighborhood of 4. Residents of the region withdrew the announcement of half of the 500 apartment for sale. Real estate prices increased by TL thousand thousand.

With the cable car station to be built in BursaRay's Gökdere Station, the housing prices will gain value and citizens will be able to reach the hotels region from the center in 25 minutes.

The project that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to implement with the slogan “Cable car will land in the center of the city” will contribute to the valuation of the region, and will allow citizens to get out of the city center in 25 minutes.

The cable car lottery hit the Selimzade, Meydancık, İncirlik and Elmasbahçeler neighborhoods located around Gökdere Boulevard. The cable car project, which will be extended to Gökdere, has increased real estate prices in the region. The real estate flood, which covers 4 neighborhoods, has resulted in citizens taking a step back. Half of the 500 thousand apartments sold in the region were withdrawn. Prices increased between 30 and 40 thousand TL.

Then the real estate prices in the neighborhood neighborhoods increased. Real estate agents, who are pleased with the increase in housing prices, believe that even in the recent years, the real estate prices in the neighborhood have fallen sharply, even the name of the ropeway project has increased the housing prices in the region.
40 increased by one thousand pounds

A total of around 500 residences and businesses are for sale in the region. However, the owners withdrew the sales after Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Atepe announced the cable car project. While the ads were removed from the websites, the ads for sale in the windows of the real estate offices in the neighborhood decreased. While the new apartments built in Elmasbahçeler were sold for 120 thousand TL in the last week, their prices rose to 160 thousand TL after the project was announced.
Must be a tourist region

The fact that the 4 thousand 766 meter long ropeway will arrive in Gökdere excited the local people. İsmail Gülay, the headman of Selimzade District, wants the environmental arrangement with the cable car project. Saying that the creek should be cleaned, Muhtar Gülay said, “After the creek is cleaned, seating groups and parking lots should be built in the area. Tourists will come to Gökdere to take the cable car. For this reason, the current situation does not lift the tourist vehicles. ”