Gokcekin crazy project Ankara Strait

Gokcekin crazy project Ankara Bosphorus: Melih Gökçek, who started the election studies, announced his projects for Ankara for the first time.
Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek has started local elections.
Gokcek, in the context of the election work prepared for Ankara 18 project, announced in a ceremony.
Gökçek announced his projects as follows:
“Our first project. Europe's largest theme park is AnkaPark. AnkaPark will be the biggest investment for Ankara tourism. It will have a closed area of ​​one hundred thousand square meters. There are a total of 1217 small and large toys in the area. This is a world record. As of now there are 14 rolly coaster. Fighting transformers, digital playgrounds, 360 degree cinemas, monorails will be indispensable of the theme park.
- Now we have a surprise for you. Let's come to the Ankara Strait project. It is impossible to bring sea to Ankara, but Ankara will also have a strait. In the south of Ankara, in the Imrahor Valley, villas lined up around the 11 km giant canal that will take place in the first stage, resting areas. It will make an incredible contribution to the image of Ankara. We aim to complete this investment in 5 years.
- Let's come to the airport-metro project, which will be the gift of our prime minister to Ankara. Sıhhiye Airport - Metro Project with the instructions of our prime minister. In the project, the total length of which will be 30 kilometers, the goal is to be completed in the next 5 years.
- Let's come to our fourth project, the ropeway-bus project. There are bus-ropeways used all over the world due to the insufficiency of roads. We want to put it where the courthouse is located. Apart from the cable car, the new metro will be the center for minibuses and this region will breathe traffic. We have cable car projects in many points of Ankara. Total 23 kilometers.
- Our fifth project, as the mayor, is one of the projects that excite me most among the services I have done in my life. You know North Ankara, we named it North Star now. I hope we are placing the most perfect mosque and cultural center in the history of the Republic. It was tendered, excavation started.
- Our sixth major project, fairground project in our next period in Ankara. Fair area, which is still adjacent to Esenboğa airport, has a road where planes can enter the fairground. The land was provided. The roads continue to open, our goal is to open our fairground in 2014.
- Let's come to our seventh project. Let me also express that. I have always prayed for this during my mayor. I hope God has this museum built for me. The name of the project is the belief and history museum project. The museum consists of four sections, a edict museum. The second part is the history museum, the museum where the Ottoman and Seljuk elders will be dressed. Three science museums. And the most important section is the museum of miracles of the Qur'an. I hope the scientific explanations of the miracles of the Qur'an, which are understood only at the beginning of the 21st century, will take place here. We will improve worship tourism. The project, which will bring at least three million tourists a year, will be a great breakthrough.
- 333 Ankara Project. The building, which will be built as a 333 meter tall tower, will also be the tallest building in Europe.
Melih Gökçek also mentioned the Agriculture and Livestock Incentive Project, where agriculture and animal husbandry will be promoted in the districts of Ankara, Eryaman Stadium Project and the renewal project of Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque and its surroundings.

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