From waitresses to Turkey Championship

From waitresses to Turkey Championship: Van hawthorn county in which the waitresses at the ski resort Soyalp Adam, who first held this year in Turkey Ski Orienteering Championship in Turkey has obtained the first prize.

Abali Ski Facility in hawthorn county as seasonal workers engaged in Soyalp waitresses, made in Erzincan Ski Orienteering Championship in Turkey has obtained the first prize. Stating that he is very happy with the success he achieved, Adem Soyalp said that he worked as a waitress at Abalı Ski Center Facilities and that he was invited to the competition by his coach. Earlier in a sport where not even heard the name that is very important for Turkey itself, the first highlight Soyalp, "I work at the ski center, I spend my free time glides. My teacher Hasan Jira came to me and said, 'Do you know how to slip?' she asked. I said yes, too. He said there were competitions the next day. Although I have never done Ski Orienteering, we went to the competition. I completed the contest first by applying the tactics my teacher gave me. My family also asked me to turn to sports, not working anymore. Now I will work to get better success. Now I see this sport as a profession. I am so happy. I thank everyone who supported me in this matter ”.

Ski Orienteering Provincial Representative and Soyalp's trainer Hasan Jira stated that they met Adem at the Abalı Ski Center one day before the competitions and said, “I said that we will go to the Ski Orienteering Turkey Championship that we will attend in Erzincan one day and that he will come too. On the way to Erzincan, he said, 'Teacher, give me some tactics, I have no knowledge about it'. Along the way, I told Adem what he had to do. He participated in the competitions and won the title of being the first in Turkey in this branch. kazanit's gone. At the same time, he is entitled to be the first athlete to benefit from the national athlete quota to be opened in this branch. kazanwas. We trusted Adem, and he showed this success by doing his best. We will work harder with him from now on and try to get good grades. I would also like to thank the Van Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Aslan Nerve, who gave us all his support to participate in extra-provincial competitions in a branch that has not even been heard of before.”

Provincial Director Aslan Sinir, who hosted athlete Adem Soyalp and coach Hasan Jira in the meeting hall of the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, said, “Currently we have a profile of athletes we want. A young person who works as a waitress in our facility starts sports and returns with a degree from the first tournament. The most important thing is that our athlete says 'now I see this sport as a profession'. Getting this degree in such a short time made us happy too. I congratulate our athlete and his trainer and wish him continued success ”.

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