The first domestic diesel train commenced Anadolu-Bandırma (Video)

The first domestic diesel train started to Anatolia Izmir-Banda time: Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) the first domestic diesel train set manufactured in Adapazari plant Anatolia mototrains the İzmir- came in a ceremony in Balıkesir's Bandırma line, Balıkesir soon It was also wished for the high speed train.
Balıkesir Governor Ahmet Turhan, Karesi District Governor Ahmet Erdoğdu, Altıeylül District Governor Bayram Gale, TCDD 3rd Regional Director Selim Koçbay, Balıkesir Provincial Police Chief Feridun Boz, AK Party Deputy Chairman Balıkesir Deputy and Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Ahmet Edip Uğur and AK Party Balıkesir Deputy Tülay Babuşçu also attended.
TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Selim Koçbay gave information about Anadolu Mototren and said, “17-passenger train sets, each costing 4 million TL, can speed up to a maximum of 140 kilometers per hour. The triple sets have a capacity of 196, the sets of 4 have a capacity of 256 passengers. Diesel train sets are of great importance in rail passenger transportation with their comfort. Today, we are honored to put the Anatolian Motoren into service on the İzmir-Balıkesir-Bandırma line. As it is known, after Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Sivas, Bursa-Bilecik, Eskişehir-Konya lines, we started the construction of the Afyon-İzmir high-speed train project. Izmir and the cities in our region will be added to the cities where high-speed train services are held in the near future. The feasibility studies of the Bursa-Balıkesir-İzmir high-speed train project are also continuing. Many of our cities will come closer by high speed train; "Their economic, social and cultural life will become dynamic."
Emphasizing that they are proud of their local train sets, AK Party Vice President Ahmet Edip Uğur said, Ahmet We are now able to produce train sets imported from abroad before. We produce wagons, locomotives and rails. This is our nation, our country as pride. Balıkesir will be a province in the intersection of the logistics village and the railways of the future. Hopefully, a fast train will pass through Balikesir in a short time. Our country will grow and develop with divided railways like the same divided roads Aynı.
In his speech, Governor Ahmet Turhan said, “When we went abroad for years, we always looked at countries with high speed trains with envy. Today, we are the 8th in the world in high speed trains. High-speed trains are going to big cities in our country, and it will soon get its share from the fast train in Balıkesir. İzmir-Bandırma railway is very important for Balıkesir. If an investment is made in Balıkesir today, if foreign capital is coming, know that this railway has a huge impact. It is the railroad connecting the two major ports. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to these services ”.
Vali Turhan and his entourage, who moved to the mechanic section of Anadalu Mototren from Izmir, then traveled to Susurluk Yeniköy. While Anadolu Mototren was put into service, it was wished that Balıkesir would have a high-speed train as soon as possible.



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