Popular ski resorts in Europe

Popular ski resorts in Europe: The ski resorts in the Alps are experiencing the most active days of the season in February. The small mountain towns in France, Italy and Austria, as well as the hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues that make up the jet are featured. Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina's new star-shining ski resorts are waiting for the classic routes.

Arid pass in Turkey in January, the ski resorts of the master skiers not receive the desired amount of snowfall has turned to alternatives abroad. This week I'll offer you eight ski resorts in Europe.

Hotels with lake view

It is 1,5 hours by road from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. It was declared a national park in 1949. It is very rich in flora and fauna. Mavrovo and Galiçnik villages in the national park area are famous for their traditional architecture. The peak of Mount Bistra, where the ski center is located, is 2160 meters. The hotels at 1255 meters are next to the tracks and the lake view. The length of the tracks is 15 kilometers, the total length of 11 ski lifts and 3 ski lifts is 5700 meters. Some tracks have lighting and music broadcasting. Hotels employ Turkish-speaking staff. The products of local cuisine are served in its restaurants. See Skopje, where Yahya Kemal Beyatlı was born, and Lake Ohrid on the UNESCO World Heritage List. For information and reservation in Turkish http://www.kayakmavrovo.com.

400 cable car, 1200 mile track

If you're passionate about cinema, the streets of this little town might look familiar to you. Cortina d'Ampezzo has been decorated in a number of films, including olduğ For Your Lonesome Eyes in and the Pink Panther from the James Bond series. The nickname yan Queen of the Dolomites yan, as the Southern Alps in the UNESCO World Heritage List were built in the Dolomites region. Runways with a total length of 1956 and more than 12 ropeway and chair lift are used with a single skipass. The runways appeal to all levels of skiers and all kinds of winter sports. Although it is a small town, it is ideal for restaurants, entertainment venues after skiing. In the Ethnography Museum, local culture and history are described with animation. If you enjoy visiting the museum, you will also be interested in the museums of Paleontology, Modern Art and the Great War (World War I). Stars await you at the Astronomical Observatory. Luxury shops, souvenirs in pedestrianized streets in Corso Italia. But the prices are high. In Piazza Italia, certain products of the week are sold in local market.

Where to stay
* Hotel Montana: Rooms are clean, atmosphere is friendly and service is top quality. These prices are added to the top prices among the accommodation options. * Grand Hotel Savoia: The biggest advantage of the central location. The service and the dishes are also of good quality but the prices are as high as one. * Hotel Olimpia: Another hotel in the center of the city. Candidates to create happy moments with comfort, cleanliness and service.

Where to eat
* Ristorante Lago Pianozes: Try Italian cuisine with home-made wines. * Al Camin: Approx. 10 minutes from the city center. Try the specialties in particular. The wine menu is very rich. * Ospitale: away from the city center but worth it. You can sample Italian cuisine in a calm and warm atmosphere created by wood.

Quality competes with Switzerland and France

It is one of the most sought-after ski resorts in Europe. You can go with your car to enjoy the view. The other option is to fly to Sofia. Bansko is 600 miles from the capital. The small, modest town at the foot of the Pirin Mountains dates back to the Romans. He stayed in the Ottoman Empire for many years. Lakes, forests worth seeing the town, the world ski championships held in recent years, has announced its name, turned it into an advantage in tourism. The 160 slopes run to skiers at all levels and 75 can serve up to 1,000 people per hour. The quality of service is high enough for the ski resorts in France and Switzerland. Transportation to the runways from hotels is provided by gondolas. Not to wait in the queue early in the morning to enter the queue of gondolas. Get information about the runways at your hotel and decide where to go from the gondola. The first station has easy and pleasant tracks to beginners. If you want to reach more difficult about 24 minutes you have to continue your way. The 15 meter altitude and the Tomba Track, which is about 2600 meters long, is named after the world champion, and it is hard to claim that name. The plateau track is a bit long from 2500 and is perfect for novices.

Where to stay

* Hotel Avalon: A small, simple family business. The staff thinks about all the details that will make you happy before you do. * Regnum Bansko Apart Hotel & SPA: The manager is Turkish. The rooms are clean, bright. Prices are affordable. They have regular services to gondola. * Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena: Claims to be the best hotel in Bansko. Although the prices are high, it is worth it.

Where to eat?

* Amvrosia: Service and flavor excellent. The prices are just above normal, but the aim is to have a nice time as well as a good meal. * Victoria: For those who cannot give up the Italian cuisine. The atmosphere is worth mentioning as well as the delicious dishes. * Le Retro: A small, cozy cafe. If you're looking for something light, such as sandwiches, coffee snacks, stop by.

Famous chefs compete in skiers and sculptors kitchens

The luxurious ski resort of Ischgl in the Austrian Alps is Europe's largest ski area. 'Top of the Mountain' concerts, snow sculpture competition 'Forms In White,' famous for the 'Chefs Star Cup' attended by famous chefs. It is possible to reach the ski slopes of Swiss Samnaun in the border with the 44 cable car. The two entertainment centers between Austria and Switzerland are run by the Silvretta Arena. The Playstation Vita, the largest skiing and freeride ski resort in the Alps, has a ski track for all levels of skiers. Daily skipass fee 43,50 Euro. This year, the Piz Val Gronda aerial tramway opened a new 3 kilometer in the Silvretta region. Approximately 516 meters from the height of the unique views of the Vesiltal Valley.
In the center of Ischgl, the Idalp Stage is giving a concert every year at the beginning of the season, in Easter and at the end of the season. Robbie Williams will be performing at 3 May this year as part of the 'Top of the Mountain' concerts.
At the Silvretta Arena in January, 10 makes sculptures as part of the 'Forms in Snow' competition. The statues are on the track until they melt. In April, the Easter concerts as well as the famous chefs' s Chefs Star Cup şef and the World Ski Championships make the area attractive. The Ischgl has stylish restaurants, bars and entertainment centers.

Two locations

The Alpenhaus in Idalp is a splendid mountain restaurant to visit. For those who want to spend a quiet evening, the Silvretta Center uses the spa and relaxation areas in the hotels.

Cradle of Alpine discipline

A friend of mine. Anton, in the top three for me. Anton Everyone in the Austrian Alps will definitely enter your list if everyone is looking for them, but there are challenging tracks, dust snow, off-piste options and fun. In fact, you're surprised how this small town has entered the world's leading ski resorts. However, when you see the importance of disciplined technical work, friendly service and post-ski entertainment, your astonishment becomes an admiration. The 1930 adventure of the city started at 2001, and it was at the summit of the World Alpine Skiing Championship. The ease of transportation has undoubtedly contributed to this development. From Munich, Zurich and Innsbruck you can go by road and train. The town is at the 1300 meter altitude, with facilities up to 2800. The ski season is from November to May. 260 kilometers are found in the 100 near the mechanical plant. They all have one skipass. Runways are not suitable for novices, trainer support is required. There are hotels, cafes and restaurants to suit every budget.
The cradle of Alpine discipline on skiing Anton has a small ski museum. The story of the Alpine discipline at the charming building is beautifully described. There are tennis and squash courts, bowling, SPA in the town. The entertainment life is very lively, the prices are affordable compared to other ski resorts. My favorite mountain hotels are Thurnher's Alpenhof, in the nearby Zürs town.

Where to stay?

* Himmelhof: Central location, attentive service, traditional decoration and relatively reasonable prices from the most affordable accommodation options. * Hotel Valluga: Scandinavian-style decoration, sincere behavior of the entire team, clean and spacious rooms. It is impossible for people to be happy when delicious meals are added, and of course you are ready to forget the prices! * Skihotel Galzig: One of the most admired hotels in the city. The location and quality of service was excellent.

Where to eat?

* Hazienda: Located at the M3 Hotel. Especially meat and pasta varieties can be tried. * The Museum: This authentic Austrian wrap is ideal for those who want to enjoy a meal. The wines are also great. * Hospiz Alm: Menu offers a choice of both local and international delicacies. Sipping your wine by the fireplace is a pleasure. * Krazy Kanguruh: One of the first places that comes to mind when you say ”apres-ski la in the city. Sometimes service and food quality complaints come, but the early hours of entertainment, quality music and drink varieties are always protected. * Mooserwirt: Nice music, good service, reasonable prices and great atmosphere. As in other skiing places, life starts here in the afternoon. It's up to you when you stop.

Ambitious skier's test track

Kitzbühel is also called the "Pearl of the Alps". This is a small medieval town whose history dates back to 700 years ago. It is one of the largest ski resorts in the country. The total runway length is approaching the 200 mileage. The 70 kilometer is an easy course. Others make ambitious skiers happy. Tired skiers can relax and drink hot chocolate in the small huts around the runway. Skipass prices change according to season. Star Card allows you to access many areas and activities with a single card, but check if it suits you. If you are a skier, you can join the safari and test yourself at the Steif Track, the most difficult descent in the world.
Historical buildings are on two streets off the central traffic. The Gothic church, the Kitzbühel Museum, the Reisch Dance Cafe built in 1928, as well as elegant shops are worth seeing. You can reach Kitzbühel from Munich. Most hotels have shuttle services from the airport.

Where to stay?

* Romantik Hotel Tennerhof: The chalet-style hotel was a farmhouse in the 17 century. The rooms reflect the history. Service quality and prices are high. I suggest you try the flavors in the menu. * Hotel Edelweiss: Cute, warm atmosphere, cordial service quality deserves praise. Prices are also reasonable. * Hotel Zur Tenne: The wooden rooms, fireplaces and decoration reflecting the history of the region are very pleasant. Prices of the hotel is also not cheap.

Where to eat?

* Barrique: An excellent choice for those who love Italian cuisine. The landscape is a reward for those who come. * 1st Lobster: As the name suggests, seafood is served. However, both cooking methods and sauces are very different. * Florianistube: Does not attract much attention, but the food is delicious. They offer local and international cuisine. Prices are relatively more affordable.

Two Olympic ski resorts alongside Sarajevo

If you are looking for a place other than the usual routes, you can ski and see Ottoman works in Bosnia Herzegovina. There is no visa, the prices are reasonable, and National Geographic Magazine put the country on the "Top 2012 Adventure Points" list in 10. The season starts in December and lasts until April, snow skiing has never been experienced. You can stay in hotels on the mountain or in Sarajevo, distances are close, transportation is smooth. You can rent equipment at an affordable price and ski, snowboard, snowmobile and scooter riding, night skiing, sledding. Just 25 kilometers from the city, Byelashnica, at an altitude of 2 thousand meters, has the highest mountain and steep slopes of the country. Modern facilities in the Dinar Alps were built in the 1984 winter Olympics. It is possible to try all disciplines on their tracks, which are 9 kilometers in total. If you find time, visit Lukomir, “the highest and most remote village in the country”. Founded in the 14th century, the Muslim village has largely preserved its originality. Another ski resort in the Dinar Alps is on Mount Yahorina, 28 kilometers from the city. The track length is 20 kilometers, it has 6 lifts. There is another ski resort 28 kilometers away from Travnik, the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vlasic's tracks are 15 kilometers away. It has a jumping area and night lighting. For detailed information: http://www.zoi84.ba, http://www.ski-sarajevo.com

Eight restaurants of Michelin star

Mont Blanc's most popular ski resort, Megeve, with Chamonix. This small town, close to the Swiss and Italian border of France, attracts attention with its local culture as well as its ski resort. 18 has been the haunt of European society since the first century. The difference is the appearance of the Alpine village, its elegance. The total runway length is around 1100 kilometers in the town of 2350 and 450 meters. They all have one skipass. When snow is running, machines come in. Although it can appeal to all levels, Mege and more are preferred by beginners and intermediate skiers. Place de l'Eglise is the main square of the city. The most convenient place to shop. Eight of the restaurants near the 100 in the vicinity are Michelin stars. This is why Megeve also organizes gourmet tours.

Where to stay?

* Hotel Mont Blanc: Being in the center of the city is also raising prices. Enjoy a separate view of the Place de l'Eglise view from the balcony of your room. * Chalet d'Antoine: Excellent service concept, delicious food and reasonable price. * La Grange d'Arly: When you are attracted to all the guests with an extremely charming decoration, you feel at home. The food is great.

Where to eat?

* Flocons de Sel: 19. century farmhouse converted into a restaurant. It's one of the best restaurants in town. Michelin starred. * Le Prieure: Place de l'Eglise. I can't say to the decoration and taste of the dishes. However, the small size of the restaurant can sometimes mean that you are more intimate with the side table. * Le Puck: The ambience is cozy and intimate, the meals are delicious, the prices are reasonable.