Eskisehir Hasanbey Logistics Center

Hasanbey Logistics Center
Hasanbey Logistics Center

Governor Güngör Azim Tuna, Eskişehir Deputy Ülker Can and Deputy Governor Ömer Faruk Günay, made various examinations at the Hasanbey Logistics Center, which was established in order to carry the loads in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone directly by rail connection and to contribute to the import and export transportation of the region. took.

The delegation was informed by Garage Manager Süleyman Hilmi Özer and Railway Traffic Inspection Coordination Manager Aykut Özay. Aykut Ozay, a logistics unit, a warehouse for the repair and maintenance of the locomotives, and also the maintenance of wagons in the center of a repair workshop, 630 staff said that work.

Speaking during the investigation, Governor Tuna stated that only the Station Directorate, which carries out passenger services, remained in Eskişehir, and said that all train maintenance services other than that were carried out in Hasanbey Logistics Center. Noting that Hasanbey is an important logistics center, Governor Tuna said, “Hasanbey will have a very important place in the logistics sector for the future of Eskişehir. It is at the crossroads in terms of transportation, has suitable land and has a high development potential. With Eskişehir's developing industry, this will be an important center and big money will be made from this business. kazanwill ache. Here today, what is our current potential? What are our possibilities? What is being done as a state? We came to our logistics center both to get information from the authorities on this issue, to see the facilities on site and to be with our staff.”

Eskisehir Governor stating Hasanbey Danube Logistics Center is the only in Turkey, he said he saw a very important service center. Noting that the target of the center is 560 thousand tons of freight per year, Governor Tuna said, “I am sure that in the future, if this place works at full capacity every day, it will reach one million tons of freight carrying capacity, that potential exists. With the construction of the Gemlik railway connection, it will be possible to quickly unload the goods coming from outside, come to Eskişehir via the railway, clear them here and send them to export quickly, and of course, it will create an important competition area for our companies. It also continues to be connected with our Organized Industry quickly. In this way, we will put it into service of our industrialists ”.

Stating that there is a very large stock area in the center now, Governor Tuna emphasized that the center has the capacity to meet the needs of the region for the next 25-30 years. “We must appreciate this value we have,” said Governor Tuna, stating that they want to add freight transportation to the advantage of passenger transportation, which increases with the high speed train in the rail system, “It provides very important opportunities at the point of minimizing transportation costs. A very important opportunity for Eskişehir industrialists! It is necessary to be proud of the work done. We will do our best to speed up the work. We will do the necessary work with our Eskişehir deputies at the point of connecting to the railway ”.

Stating that many things are shaped in their future-oriented mind as they see Eskişehir's potential, Governor Tuna said that they want to make good use of both the highway and the railway advantage of Eskişehir, which is at the crossroads.

Eskişehir Deputy Ülker Can emphasized that the center, which has been built in stages since 2005, must be connected to Gemlik. Saying that the center transports approximately 1 thousand tons of freight in 1,5-50 months, Deputy Can said that with the commissioning of the Eskişehir-Istanbul High Speed ​​​​Train line, the city has a great importance. kazanrecorded his leg.

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