Erciyes Ski Center Opened to the World

Erciyes Ski Center Opened to the World: Investments made for Erciyes to become a worldwide winter tourism center started to attract foreign tourists to Kayseri. Two separate foreign groups from Denmark and Holland emphasized that Erciyes is an excellent ski resort and that skiing sports and cultural tourism are offered together is a great advantage for Kayseri.

Danish businessmen and managers who came to Kayseri with the organization of Turkish Airlines and Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş., admired Kayseri and Erciyes. The delegation of about 50 people visited some historical artifacts in Kayseri and then skied in Erciyes.

The Danish delegation, who stayed in Kayseri for two days with Turkish Airlines Denmark Billund Airport Manager Osman Şahan, stated that they love Kayseri, Denmark-Billund Airport Deputy General Manager Arnest Nielsen and Bestseller Company Department Manager and that Erciyes Master Plan is a very successful project . facilities at Erciyes we like and Danish managers voicing promising future of these facilities is expressed as being very attractive combination of Erciyes and Cappadocia, "from Denmark to Turkey are usually not coming for the summer holidays. Different countries are preferred in Europe for the winter holiday. There was no news of the Danes from a ski resort, Erciyes in Turkey. There are also many ski resorts in Austria; but the inclusion of cultural values ​​makes it more attractive. We definitely intend to come again, ”he said.

Danish Super League Marketing Manager of Midjylland team leader Mark Nielsen also found in case of Turkey's response in terms of sea and winter tourism Erciyes is a country known for its sandy beaches would promote the country. Stating that it is an advantage to be offered skiing with cultural events in Erciyes, Nielsen stated that they will bring the football teams, which are currently the league leaders, to Erciyes.

Andy Sorlynd from Danski Travel Agency, which operates on ski tourism, was also included in the Danish delegation. Andy Sorlynd, who knows the winter tourism centers in many parts of the world, described Erciyes as a very well organized ski resort. Sorlynd said: “Erciyes is a very successful center in terms of park area, transportation and ski routes. "We will organize a tour here as soon as possible and bring Danish ski lovers," he said.

Kayseri and Danish telecom manager explaining their views on the Erciyes said, that earlier in Marmaris and Alanya came, said he saw that it is a very attractive country in terms of Turkey's winter tourism saw Erciyes "to come with as soon as biking and climbing material, and I will ski, as well as do other sports activities, ”he said.


Erciyes has become the favorite of the Netherlands in recent days. Dutch tourists who took their holidays in Erciyes said: “The most important feature of Erciyes is its easy access from the airport. In addition, it is a great advantage to be able to ski everywhere with a single card in the ski center and the proximity of the hotels to the slopes. Especially the gondola is very pleasant and comfortable. In addition, the presence of cultural values ​​in Kayseri together with Erciyes makes it attractive. The newly built Seljuk museum is very beautiful. The most striking thing is that the city is very clean. They said, "One of the most important reasons for choosing Erciyes is to allow us to see Cappadocia."

European tourists, who admire Kayseri and Erciyes very much, have started to sing how beautiful Erciyes is in Turkish and they stated that they will come to Kayseri again with the expressions "Erciyes is very beautiful".

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:19

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