The World's Largest Model Railway


Meet the biggest model railway in the world: Meet Bruce Zaccagnino. This man is the creator of the world's largest model railway, or Northlandz.

This 15-kilometer-long model railway is located in the Philadelphia area of ​​the USA. It has been reported that Bruce Zaccagnino spent exactly 16 years building this railway. The model railway named Northlandz is built on an area of ​​4830 square meters. Zaccagnino, which uses about 10 tons of plaster to make the 10-meter high mountains on the model, has now turned into a work of art.
There are 12 bridges, the largest of which is 400 meters, on the model city.

The world's largest model railway, which includes many buildings such as piers, towns and mines as well as historical reconstructions, serves as a museum in Philadelphia, America. On the other hand, Northlandz is now part of Sony's "Separate Together" project. As part of this project, Sony shot and shared previously unseen images of Northlandz using QX100 lenses. Here is the promotional video of these images.

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