Dağcılar has started camping in Konaklı Ski Center

Mountaineers began camping in Konaklı Center: Mountaineering Federation (TDF) "Winter training development activity" within Turkey's 105 climbers from various provinces, he began making camp in Erzurum Konaklı Center.

Mountaineers who came to Erzurum for the training program of the Federation's 2014 year program, went to Konaklı Ski Center, which is 25 kilometers away from the city by buses.

In the area determined by the President of TDF Alaattin Karaca, the mountaineers who established their tents in a short period of time, started their one-week camps.

TDF President Karaca, AA correspondent, the federation 2014 activity program in the year "Winter development training activity" before the summer training was successfully completed, winter athletes participated in the basic education, said successful.

Kampa, stated that Turkey's 105 athletes participated in the mountaineering clubs in various cities Khan, continued as follows:

Dağ In this training, we will provide advanced trainings for winter climbing. There are around 80 hours of practical applications in the field of security measures, avalanche, avalanche search, rescue, snow walking and digging techniques. This camp will continue for 7 days. The exam will be held after the camp. Those who score above 50 in the exam will be eligible for a higher education. Successful ones will receive advanced training in snow and ice. Başar

Noting that this training should not be examined only with the technical dimension, Karaca said, in The 34 that the Federation has carried out. program. This activity should not be examined by its technical dimension. There are also economic, social, cultural and touristic dimensions. The contribution of these climbers during their time should also be evaluated. Bu

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