China Csr Yangtze Visits Stso

China Csr Yangtze Visits Stso: China's largest freight car company, CSR Yangtze Co., Ltd., came to Sivas for investment and cooperation.
Giving information about the Chinese company, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan said, aya We went to China as part of our trips abroad to open our factory to the world. We visited them. They came to Sivas to make a return visit. The Chinese government is also a partner in the stock exchange. 9 has a separate operating area such as power plant, space ramp, freight and passenger railcar. One of the world's largest firms ”he said.
STSO Chairman Osman Yildirim said that they wanted to make the railway city again as it was in history. Lightning, explaining that they expect domestic and foreign investors to Sivas with the Specialized OIZ, said:, Sivas, one of the important cities in the foundation of the Republic, has made major investments in Sivas on the railway. One of them is that we want TÜDEMSAŞ Sivas to be known as the city of railroad and to succeed as it was in the past. There is a recent activity in our city which is suitable for railway infrastructure. We set out for the establishment of a specialized OSB of railways for local and foreign investors to come to Sivas and invest in rail. Sivas is in a convenient location for investors with its location, infrastructure and history. There is a suitable environment for investors. Our aim is to make Sivas the capital on 2023 railways. X
Wang Hongwei, Deputy General Manager of CSR Yangtze, also stated that they found the interviews and reviews very positive and said, ve We are not a company that meets the demands in the domestic market in China. At the same time, we are one of the three largest exporters in the production of railway vehicles. We tried to recognize all the possibilities of TÜDEMSAŞ. In the future, Sivas will be very important for railways and industry. As one of the parties, we are very keen on this cooperation. We are ready to do everything in our production range in Sivas. We are very hopeful about cooperation. We will come to a very good situation after this union Bu.



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