Çetin: Ankara subway turned into torment

Çetin: Ankara subway turned into torment: CHP Ankara deputy İzzet Çetin argued that the Batıkent-Sincan metro line opened last week suffered the torment of Ankara residents due to inability to operate properly.
Çetin, "the subway to the transportation problem of the people of Ankara, the management has been turned into a retribution because of incompetence," he said. Citizens using the subway line have experienced great troubles until today, said Çetin, said:
DON'T Breath
Ilar Today (yesterday) many citizens did not even have the opportunity to take the metro from the Hospital, Demetevler, Yenimahalle, İvedik and Akköprü stations. At each station the metro had to wait for the 15-20 minute overload and indicated a technical failure. Those who have the opportunity to ride the metro has become unable to breathe from fullness. In order to relieve transportation and shorten the transportation time, the metro has become a problem in Ankara. The transportation period between Sincan and Kizillay became equivalent to long distance transportation. It is necessary to make regular work in order to facilitate the lives of metro residents, who are the contemporary solution for transportation by making the necessary planning and adjustments. Ac
Citizens on the subway in the social media and wrote the reactions expressed in the media. Some of the reactions are:
* Berk: Will Ankara and London compete with the deteriorating subway? 25 is minutes away from the metro.
* Betül Güngör: The Ankara metro is fucked. The click stops. 10 is minutes away from the metro.
* Cemil Kaya: When will the Başgan Sincan subway slam? We're sick of a cramming.
* Esra: Bus from Xinjiang, Kizilay'a 30 minutes to the road, 50 minutes by metro was officially this morning how old is a disgrace
* Mahmut Gürer: Batıkent metro station is full after wonders are created with Sincan metro. So you know it's full in a row

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