Alanlı-Kocadağ Cable Car Project from Camas

📩 25/11/2018 18:51

Alanlı-Kocadağ Cable Car Project from Camas: MHP Atakum Mayor Candidate Prof. Dr. Necdet Camas said that the Alanlı Recreation Area-Kocadağ Cable Car Project will make Atakum a center of attraction.
Necdet Çamaş said that the total line length of the project they call yapıl Alanlı Mesire Area-Kocadağ Teleferic Project proje is acak 9.5 km N. , with its cafeterias and restaurants, the residents of Atakum and 2 will provide a different tourism service to the whole region with its non-profit. boyunca
Alanak-Kocadag Teleferik Project, which is one of the most ambitious projects of Atakum, has been prepared with a very special team and this project will provide a significant acceleration to Atakum tourism. 'The biggest investment in Atakum will be in the field of tourism' he. When these projects were acquired in our district, we told our people that Atakum would be a world city in 5 years. Some said it was imagination. Never dreamed. I would argue here, Atakum 5 in our time will be the world city in years, ol he said.


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