Mobiett and bus lines have been moved to phones

Mobiett and the bus lines were moved to phones: Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunneling Facilities (IETT) developed a new application. The application called Mobiett gives you the opportunity to reach all the transportation information you may need in Istanbul public transportation via smartphones at any time. Thanks to the map-based application developed for smartphones with IOS and Android operating systems, the entire 11 bin 569 bus stop across Istanbul has become the 'Smart Stop'.
With the new mobile application developed by IETT, 11 bin 569 bus stop across Istanbul makes 'Smart Stop'.
Users who upload their Mobiett application to their smart phones can see the real-time stops on the map and the estimated time of arrival of all the bus lines that pass through these stations when they share location information. In addition, line and stop search operations can be performed without sharing the location information. At the end of the search process, the route of the selected line is displayed on the map, and the information that will facilitate the public transportation, such as the stop information, the timetable of the line, the number of minutes after which the line is reached, can also be accessed quickly. Passengers arriving at the selected smart station can also see the number of minutes after which the vehicle will be displayed with the line information on that station. Another feature of the application developed is instant message and white table options. Thanks to the white table, the demands, suggestions and complaints of the passengers are taken, the message section and the accidents and faults that occur on the lines are announced instantly.
In practice, there is also the option to add lines to Favorite List for the regular and busy public transportation. This prevents the loss of time to call the line and stop. As the app continues to be developed, we will
'How to get to Mobiett Ask' with the name of a convenience is planned to be added to the detection of routes. Users who do not have IOS and Android operating system will have the chance to connect to the internet with the software to be added soon.
The application has been downloaded 140 bin on IOS operating phones and 110 bin on the Android operating phones. In the morning and evening when the journey is intense, more than a thousand queries are made on the mobile application. During the day, this number is above the 200 bin.
Download for Android OS
Download for IOS operating system


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