Wheat Market YHT Station project is delayed by the public

📩 29/11/2018 18:30

Wheat Market YHT Station project is delayed by the public: YHT ie High Speed ​​Train. One of the greatest blessings won by Konya. We can say that most of the investments are father. Railway transportation, as soon as the train began the speed of the Tulip. Station - Train Station, which did not fly in the past, was blessed. It brought many differences including rental prices around. Increased employment. Everything is nice but we cannot ignore the negativity.
For instance, it is a painful fact that High Speed ​​Train has divided our city in two. In addition, the subwayways on the railways still can not use ladies. Because perverts don't give a rest. The last one was looking for a synonym of Konya. In this subway, he was accused of suç
It is very painful but unfortunately these incidents are going on and will continue to live. It is necessary to take different measures in this regard instead of looking at the place where there is everything. Citizen women want to pass through, they want spacious underpasses. As long as they experience these problems, their problems will continue.
Let's talk about the Wheat Market YHT Gar, which is planned to start construction in 2014 in a little while. Maktad All Implementation Projects and Tender Documents have been prepared and are checked by the Organization of Acceptance. Construction tender is planned to be launched in 2014 year m. Total cost 37 Million Turkish Lira Toplam
The total project area is 120 thousand square meters and the area to be expropriated is 79 thousand square meters. That's where the question starts. Citizens here from the state, the state gives the right can not give more. Citizen wants to evaluate this surplus. The more profit I get, the more profit it is looking at. 3-4 citizens are suing the expropriation and delaying the investment.
Citizens have no right to blackmail their own state. While many people sacrifice their property for investment, it is a pity to try to break more in a given place. With this investment, many citizens will be provided with employment and many citizens will use YHT. So, in general, many beauties will benefit our citizens. Come and give up this stubbornness. Blackmail to the state is not in our traditions. It is really painful to fall in love with rent. Konya needs these investments. Your objection, the lawsuit only delays investment. As a result you will give these places the same value. Don't hurt your reputation ın
The essence of the business, even a big city for an investment can be divided into two, because that investment will benefit all Konya. Citizens of how much trouble is swallowing, Wheat Market YHT Gar friends who have difficulty with these mistakes as soon as they return to work will be a benefit to Konya. If the investment is abandoned after 2 days, the surplus will remain on you. Come on, give it up. In the mortal world, there is no need to overestimate the property.


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