Bozankaya Group at 2014 EurAsia Rail Fair

Bozankaya Group at 2014 EurAsia Rail Fair: With its investments, the Group has been advancing rapidly since 1989 Bozankaya Group, Eurasia Rail is preparing a 100% low-floor tram in the exhibition and Turkey's first TRAMBUS to explain to the visitors.
Bozankaya The Group will share with the participants the new vehicle projects it has produced with the latest technology and will break ground in public transportation at the Eurasia Rail Fair to be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 06-08 March. Significant investments in the public transportation sector Bozankaya The group will take its place in the 100th Hall - F10 hall to introduce its 1% low-floor tram and its first domestic Trambus projects to industry representatives from all over the world.
BozankayaLocal Tram Ready for Production!
Bozankaya Group General Coordinator İlker Yılmaz gave information about new tram projects before Eurasia Rail Fair: “In our country, the need for rail system public transportation vehicles and the import of these vehicles is increasing. Our big cities still need thousands of kilometers of rail transportation network and hundreds of rail system vehicles. Bozankaya As a group, we started out by seeing this need and prepared a 100% low-floor tram design with a team consisting entirely of Turkish engineers. Thanks to the R&D studies carried out, we made the urban low-floor tram vehicle, which is 33 meters long and consists of 5 modules, ready for production. This tram, which meets international standards, will be the solution to the transportation problems of our cities. "Compared to the transportation vehicles imported from Europe, it will come to the fore as a high quality and financially more advantageous domestic production transportation vehicle."
The First Native Trambus
Bozankaya Group, for his work on public transportation systems were developed as a result of Turkey's first TRAMBUS. Before the fair Bozankaya In the statement made by the group: “We developed our project with the belief that modern vehicles used in solving public transportation problems in many European countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Austria will meet the needs of our cities for environmentally friendly, fast and reliable transportation systems. At the end of our studies we have started to build Turkey's first double bellows the TRAMBUS. Trambuses are today's tram and metro vehicle technology, but they are less costly transportation systems compared to rail systems that do not bring infrastructure costs due to their rubber wheels. In addition, the energy consumption values ​​of Trambuses save 65-70% per km compared to diesel-fueled buses. In terms of durability, it has twice the life of diesel vehicles. First, 10 units were produced for Malatya Municipality, Bozankaya This Trambus, which is produced, will be a good alternative for rail systems and can work integrated with rail systems, ”the statement said.
% 100 Low Base Boji Project
Completely started the design of domestic city tram car Bozankaya The group started a project supported by TUBITAK in this regard by identifying the most critical point of the 100 low-floor railway vehicles as low-level bogies. Today is the point Bozankaya, ready to produce low-floor tram bogie, all engine connection and braking systems of the bogie are also designed.
Body and Chassis Production
Bozankaya The group has been manufacturing carbody for many years for rail system vehicle manufacturers such as Siemens, HeiterBlick and Stadler. Starting out with this experience Bozankaya, Turkey rail system market also began to produce bodies and body parts. In this context, the first production of RTE 4 Tram vehicle designed and put into production by İstanbul Ulasim AS, Bozankaya It's done by the band. The body of this 12 meter-long tram consists of two modules of 24 meters, Bozankaya It is produced in Ankara Facilities.




    1. Bozankaya I think at a very critical point… I hope the future will be the Turkish tram manufacturer if it takes the next steps very carefully….