Balkan Ski Championship postponed due to lack of snow

Balkan Ski Championships was postponed due to lack of sufficient snow on the runway: Turkey Ski Federation, the driest winter enough snow to because of the ski centers in place of the seasons last year scheduled did not fall by Kayseri was forced to postpone the Balkan Ski Championships.

Turkey Ski Federation President Özer sober, AA said in a statement to reporters, also he said that only in countries where there are not dominated by the drought in Turkey, the world's leading ski resorts.

Stating that the lack of snowfall in ski resorts adversely affects skiing, national and international races have been canceled or have to be postponed. . We waited for snow until Saturday night. However, we postponed the championship to December of 5 without rainfall. Ancak

Erciyes'da tourism can be made for skiing, but there is no profit on the races of the races on the races Ayık, said:

Ila Skiing, alpine and snowboard races will be held in the championship. In order to make these races, the snow thickness on the runways must be high. However, dry weather affected the country as well as Erciyes. The desired snow thickness could not be reached on the tracks where the championship will be held. In

Ayık stressed that the races were not canceled and that the organization was postponed in December.

- Daily visitors can ski

Said Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Erciyes Inc. Chairman Murat Cahid Cıngı the Balkan Commission and Turkey to make the coming examination was doing and race Erciyes technical team from the Ski Federation is preparing a report that it is not enough snow in the intended runway.

The race will be done on the tracks above the 3 thousand meters Cıngı, said:

Uz We keep the runways used by our visitors daily with our mixing units. However, skiing, alpine skiing and snowboard races have a high degree of difficulty. Therefore, the races were postponed. We were prepared for the races as a team but the nature conditions did not allow it. If the championship could be made, the 25 from 500 would come to Erciyes. It would also be a very important event in terms of the presentation of Erciyes. Iy

Turkey Ski Federation, made earlier in January due to dry weather and planned alpine snowboarding was forced to postpone the provincial championship race.