Minister Zeybekci attended the Denizli Bozdağ Ski Center Snow Festival

Minister Zeybekci joined the Denizli Bozdag Ski Snow Festival: Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, Turkey and stating that a good deal in terms of both countries Preferential Trade Agreement signed between Iran, "There is sensitivity in terms of any of our one flag, lecturing about our national honor there is no limit. Our sensitivity in these matters is at the highest level ”.

Zeybekci participated in the 5th Bozdağ Ski Center Snow Festival event in Tavas. In his speech here, Zeybekci stated that electricity was connected and the chairlifts started to work, and that the facilities appeared physically and that one of Denizli's biggest dreams came true. Zeybekci stated that with the completion of the deficiencies and the completion of the mansions and recreation facilities, the facilities will begin to serve in full next year and will bring the city to the upper league, “These facilities are important for the city and the region in terms of becoming a new tourism center. Mechanically, it cost 18,5 million liras. Together with the roads and other facilities, the total investment will reach 30 million TL. "It will become a beautiful ski resort that can be used by the surrounding provinces in the region geographically."

After browsing facilities Zeybekçi of speech, journalists' Iran-Turkey Preferential Trade Agreement for the questions on Turkey and said that an agreement be signed beautiful in terms of Iran. Zeybekci said, “There is no limit in terms of sensitivities to lecture about our flag and our national honor. Our sensitivity in these matters is at the highest level. It was a very good deal for our country, for our nation ”.

Traveling at the ski resort on a tracked motorcycle and with citizens sohbet Minister Zeybekci was accompanied by Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir and some AK Party deputies.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:12

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