Training the Acute Estram Team

Accredited Estram Team: A protocol was signed with the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) for the training of the Estram Search and Rescue Team established within the Eskişehir Light Rail System Facility (Estram).
Estram Transportation Co. General Manager Hakan Murat Bayindir and Akut Eskisehir Team Leader Bilgin Under the protocol signed by Türkmentepe, the Akut team will conduct training and exercises with the Estram team in accordance with their competence. Acut and Estram teams will be able to act together with their competencies in the region as well as to share materials with each other through logistics and transportation support.
Within the framework of the protocol, which will be renewed every year with the approval of the parties, the Estram Search and Rescue Team will also train the Acute team about rail system accidents.


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