Afad Teams made exercises at Abalı Ski Center

Afad Teams did a drill at Abalı Ski Center: The Civil Defense Search and Rescue Association (AFAD) Provincial Directorate of Van provided drills at the Abalı Ski Center as part of the 28 February Civil Defense Day events.

An avalanche drill, which is held every year, this year, in the Abalı Ski Center, 42 kilometers from the city center, in the area where the snow thickness exceeds one meter, with the participation of the search and rescue dog "Naz", 2 people were rescued under an avalanche. In the exercise, which started when 2 people from the Civil Defense Search and Rescue team entered the pits in the snow, the teams rescued those under the snow. Within 30 minutes, the teams working in the snow-covered area removed the people they detected in their snow-covered areas. The teams then transported the injured citizens to the ambulance with a snow vehicle, according to the scenario.

AFAD Education and Public Relations Unit Chief Erdal Kan stated that the first avalanche exercise of 2014, which does not call the truth, has been successfully completed and he said that it was satisfactory that the drill they made in order to be prepared for the avalanche incidents which they faced frequently during the long winter in the region was successful.