Ski resorts snow crying

Ski centers crying snow: in Uludag, Turkey's winter tourism and ski center, 2011 in reaching 3.7 meters last year, snow depth exceeds 2.5 meters, this year 55 centimeters lo also dropped to 25-30 centimeters. Uludag, which was overflowing during New Year and semester holidays, had its most dull season. It was stated that the season almost closed the day except to host the troops. Last year, the same period in the same period in the snow in the 2.5 meters in Uludag drew attention to the appearance of the soil. In our other ski resorts, du dude is no different from Uludağ. According to the latest measurements at the ski slopes in Palandöken, snow thickness 40, 58 in Kartalkaya, 52 in Ilgaz, 71 in Erciyes, 47 in Sarımakış, 18 in Hazarbaba and 55 in Davraz.