Ilgazda snow thickness 50 centimeter

Snow thickness in Ilgaz 50 centimeter: Snowfall in XIUMX decreased to 25 centimeter in Uludağ due to snowfall in the last week. In the two separate areas of Ilgaz, the five longest runways of 55 are serving. Night skiing is possible on the slopes at Doruk.

The summit of the Ilgaz Mountain, which is a transition point to the Western Black Sea in the north of Central Anatolia, constitutes the natural boundary of the Çankırı and Kastamonu Provinces. As the snow remains more in the north of the summit, the facilities remain mainly in the Kastamonu borders, while night skiing facilities are provided last winter. Ilgaz District Yıldıztepe Ski Center is the shining star of the region in recent years. This year the ski season opened in December. After days of snowfall, the weather went hot due to the hot weather. Last week, however, intermittent rainfall on the Ilgaz tracks increased to 55 centimeters at the end of last week. 13 was centimeter at Yıldıztepe.


The 200 mileage of Ilgaz Mountain to Ankara, 450 to Istanbul, and 35 to Kastamonu Airport, which is in operation recently, enable skiers to take skiers from both cities.
There are 1043, 950 and 850 meters of 3 tracks in the Doruk area of ​​the mountain. While the governorship's investments continue rapidly on the Çankırı side, the new runway built by the Kastamonu Governorship in Yurdumtepe Mevkii is expected to be completed and commissioned next year. Yildiztepe Ski Center in the province of Cankiri Ilgaz district is still serving with 3,5 and 2,5 kilometers of ski slopes. 4,5 is the only use of the chair lift 1850 TL this year. Daily unlimited use is 7,5 TL. Security measures are being implemented around the long runways. In case of accident or loss, snowmobile and ATV gendarmerie teams are kept ready for intervention.


Two people at the end of the week
full board 260 TL
The 80 bedded hotel in Yıldıztepe Ski Center has 3 300-meter babylift. There is live music in the restaurant, Dağbaşı Cafe serves hot, cold drinks throughout the day. Sausage bread 10 TL. Ski rental, clothing, snowboard daily rental fee 40 TL. Two people full board stay on weekdays 200, weekend 260 TL. (Tel: 0376 417 10 10)

Stay in the villa
Between the pine trees, the hotel offers 118 apart. Ski resort 1 kilometers away. Transportation is provided with a shuttle service in half an hour. Sauna, pool, mobile cinema, meeting rooms, tennis, basketball, football fields. The Babylift is 350 meters long. Double person full-board accommodation in apartment 300 for weekdays, 440 for the weekend. (Tel: 0366 239 10 40)

Quiet and peaceful
Doruk Hotel at an altitude of 1950 is the only hotel on the southern slope of the mountain with ski slopes. Shuttle services to the north runways are provided. Next to the hotel is its own track and its babylift 400 meters. The 57 rooms with panoramic views are provided by entering the 1 kilometers from the Highways Maintenance Center at the summit of Ilgaz Mountain. The restaurant has live music on weekends. Double person full board stay in week 220 TL, weekend 500 TL. Daily ski suit rental 40, snowboard 30, ski suit 20-50 TL. (Tel: 0376 416 12 10)

Along the runways

26 room for two people half board accommodation on weekdays 220, weekend 320 TL. Zirve Café, sausage, meatball bread or hamburger 14 TL, cold drinks 6, tea 4, coffee 7, sahlep 10 pounds are sold. (Tel: 0366 239 10 04)

40 rooms
40 room in the hotel restaurant 160 personality. Two people full board accommodation in the week 260, weekend 400 TL. (Tel: 0366 239 10 10)

On the coast of the motorway

At the edge of the Çankırı-Kastamonu motorway on the Ilgaz Mountain, the hotel has a bed capacity of 45. Two people full board accommodation for weeks 250 TL. (Tel: 0376 416 39 48)

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