Now ice climbing can be done in Palandokene

Ice climbing can be done now Palandöken: artificial ice climbing wall is done for domestic and foreign tourists in Palandöken Ski Center of Turkey's major ski resorts.

Turkey's first snow and the artificial climbing wall in frozen water meters in height and about 10 the world's most famous mountaineers to climb.

Artificial climbing wall, which is set up next to the XANADU Snow White Hotel in the ski resort, will be opened tomorrow and finishing touches are made. Murat Altuğ Kargı, the general manager of the hotel, said in a statement that they were trying to create different social activities for local and foreign tourists coming to the ski resort.

Kargı, who stated that the first climbing of the natural climbing wall made with snow and water, will be realized by Tunç Fındık, one of the famous climbers in the world, continued as follows:

Ünlü We prepared an artificial ice climbing wall with famous climbers of our country and the world. Guests who prefer Palandöken will experience a different kind of fun on the ice climbing wall. Our aim is to have all winter sports together in Palandöken and to make our guests come to these sports. Bizim

One of the climbers who made the ice climbing wall, ATAK Club athlete Mustafa Hanli said that it was difficult to build an ice climbing wall in cold weather.

Hanlı stated that they sprayed water for the freezing of the snow masses placed on the climbing wall. M A different activity will be provided to the domestic and foreign tourists coming to Palandöken. We put the wire between the wall covered with snow and ice cream are trying to freeze, Duvar he said.

Doğukan Çimagil, a climber who shed ice on the climbing wall, said that they were working during the coldest hours of the day. It will be a difficult job, but a beauty will emerge. Zor