3. midnight surprise to the airport project

  1. midnight surprise for the airport project: The government made a legal regulation proposal to the Turkish Grand National Assembly last night in order to overcome the problems related to groundwater resources in the construction of the 3rd airport. Accordingly, the 'geothermal board' consisting of 5 ministers will decide on the 'groundwater resources' barrier in front of the airport, bridge and highway constructions.
    The AK Party ruled late last night, the Presidency of the Parliament has proposed a law that envisages changes in many laws. In the offer, 3, which is under construction in Istanbul. the construction of the groundwater resources crisis in the airport construction. Accordingly, the yer geothermal board X, which will consist of 5 ministers, will be activated when the groundwater resources obstacle occurs in airport, bridge and highway construction. The geothermal committee, which will be composed of the Minister of Energy, Development, Environment, Industry and the Ministry of Industry, who will approve the investment decision, will decide according to the criteria of veren public interest bak on the question of groundwater in investments.
    The authority of the board in the proposal taşıyan Geothermal resource and natural mineral water exploration and operation activities, state and provincial roads, highways, railways, airports, ports, dams, energy facilities, mining oil gas companies, water transmission lines such as investments in the nature of the public benefit of each other If the activity becomes unavailable, the decision regarding the geothermal resource and natural mineral water exploration and operation activities and investment shall be given by the board. gel
    D-PPI is coming
    TEFE and PPI calculations are under consideration. The domestic price index (D-PPI) system will be used in the market calculations.
    Super authority to the Minister
    With the proposal, the Minister of Health is given super power to the minister in the tender contracts for the hospitals which are made with the model of public private cooperation. According to the regulation, the minister may amend the contract and its annexes in compulsory cases. However, the decision will be submitted to the YPK and the approval will be obtained if the change is to increase above the determined cost.

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