Istanbul's Metro Lines 141 Outputs to Kilometers

Istanbul's Metro Lines Increased to 141 Kilometers: Prime Minister Erdoğan evaluated the opening of the new subway as a “historical step” and explained that they connected “Şişhane” to Yenikapı. Erdogan emphasized that they will hold this opening 4.5 years ago, but they are trying not to damage historical artifacts.
Saying that we built this bridge stop to add beauty to the beauty of Istanbul, the Prime Minister also gave directions to Istanbul residents with the newly opened metro. Erdogan said:
“Today we have increased it to 141 kilometers in Istanbul. Our goal in 2019 is to reach 420 kilometers. Now Taksim-Yeni Kapı is only 7,5 minutes. From Taksim Kadıköy 24,5 minutes. From Taksim to Kartal is now 69,5 minutes. The line we have built and will open today consists of 3,5 kilometers and 3 stations. This line has become the most difficult subway construction in the world. We built this line without damaging historical monuments. We also took the historical texture and historical artifacts on the route. We built the rails after Gazi Mustafa Kemal. "
Erdogan loaded on the opposition through the Tenth Anniversary March. “It takes place in the Tenth Anniversary March, or“ we knit it with iron nets… Is this the CHP knitted? We did it, ”he said.
Prime Minister Erdogan called on Istanbulites to "Test Marmaray" and said, "Today I used Marmaray once again. Thank you to our Lord. Our citizens living in Istanbul still haven't boarded the Marmara. The world is talking about Marmaray. Marmaray is spoken in Japan. I want everyone to experience Marmaray at least once. I want them to experience this transition bridge once, ”he said.
Erdogan talked about his travels abroad during mayor and he talked about his dreams during his travels. Prime Minister Erdogan said:
“When I was the mayor when I traveled abroad, when we looked at the development there, we regretted it. I would sigh, looking at the roads, bridges, highways, subways. I would get thinner, why don't we either. Why does not he on why Turkey in Istanbul. They would bring us chocolate, notebooks and pens from Germany. Because we didn't have it. How was Istanbul and Turkey 15 years ago did not even chocolate? There was no passing through the garbage dump, air pollution. I used Marmaray today for the first time after the opening. As you can see, we got on from Üsküdar and reached Yenikapı in a short time. We have citizens who lived in Istanbul but did not take Marmaray and did not travel on metro lines. We talked about Marmaray in Malaysia in Japan. The world is talking about Marmaray. Whatever is available in developed countries, we bring our country and our nation together with those rights. We take bold steps from them. We are making radical reforms. "
Prime Minister Erdogan once again explained that today's young people have not seen the "stuffy, thirsty and garbage" periods of Istanbul, saying to the young people, “You will not remember those old days, airless, waterless and garbage Istanbul. Here we offer you this Istanbul that Turkey, "he called out.



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