Enjoying the Liver Kebab in the Karacadağ ski center

Ciger Kebab in Karacadağ ski center Enjoyment: The only ski resort in the Southeast is Karacadağ. Citizens who enjoy the snow is not neglecting to cook liver kebab identified with Şanlıurfa. In Karacadağ, olmaz barbecued liver ğer is among the sine qua non of the Urfalılar.

Karacadag, one of the most important winter tourism centers in the Southeast, has suffered a day-to-day influx with the stop of snowfall. The snow reached an ideal condition for skiing in Uludağ, where snow thickness reached to 80 centimeters.

With the cessation of snowfall, the sunny weather on the Karacadağ weekend, which vacationers call the 'White Paradise of the Southeast', made the holidaymakers smile. Unbelievable colorful images are experienced in Karacadağ, which is flooded by excursionists from Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Hakkari, Şırnak, Adıyaman, Elazığ and its surroundings.

Karacadağ, where snow thickness reaches 80 centimeters in places, with the stagnation of the snow, citizens flocking to Karacadağ enjoy skiing by enjoying the snow. Some citizens are setting up their mangals, and liver kebab is sucking.

Stating that Karacadağ is an amazing beauty endowed by God to the Southeast, citizens said, u We do not miss this opportunity and spend our weekends here with our loved ones. Incredible happiness. İnanılmaz

The expansion of the facilities including parking, ski slope and many facilities and road works are continuing.