Expert report on the promotional film of İZBAN reached court

The expert report regarding the introduction film of İZBAN reached the court: In the case regarding the corruption allegations in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the requested expert report regarding the introduction film of the İzmir Suburban Transport System İZBAN reached the court.
The experts determined by the Istanbul 16th High Criminal Court are Hazar Baycan, Ahmet Mete Özok, Prof. Dr. Nurhan Zeynep Tosun, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Yalçın Yılmaz and Assist. Assoc. Dr. The report prepared by Hediyetullah Aydeniz was sent to İzmir 8th High Criminal Court where the case was heard.
In the expert report, it was stated that the elements that should be in the promotional film were prepared in accordance with the minimum criteria within the framework of the theoretical information, and the commitments in the contract were fulfilled.
It is stated that budgeting of the elements of pre-production, construction phase and post-production process is not standard with the effect of many variables and it cannot be determined by the expert committee that the unit prices are correct or wrong.
In the report, the film and versions of the technical and technical aspects of the auditory and visual is specified.
Reminding that the main theme of the promotional film is “happiness”, it was stated that the product showed the originality and characteristics of the city of Izmir.
In the report, it was noted that the film has the functions of "attracting attention", "arousing desire for the product", "creating a desire to use the product" and finally "mobilizing to use the product", which should be in the promotional film.
The expert committee did not give any opinion as to whether public damage occurred during the preparation and display of the film and it was a subject included in the financial calculations.
Atilla Ertekin, one of the defendants' lawyers, argued that there was no question of "rigging the tender", that the expert reports at the preparation stage were prepared by competent and incompetent persons from the very beginning of the case, and that the expert reports were justified.

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