BUDO and IDO competition helped the citizens

The competition between BUDO and IDO was beneficial for the citizens: Thanks to the competition of IDO and BUDO, the sea bus companies carrying passengers between Bursa and Istanbul, ticket prices dropped to 7,5 lira.
Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO), which provides sea transportation between Istanbul and Bursa, and Bursa Sea Buses (BUDO) operated by Burulaş, within the body of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, started a new competition. Within the scope of the campaign organized by BUDO on February 14 - 20, 5 thousand tickets were offered for sale with a 7,5 percent discount at prices starting from 60 lira, while IDO ended 1,5 months ago. Kadıköy - It has decided to restart the Bursa line with prices starting from 9 lira as of February 17. Istanbul with Bursa Mudanya Kabataş BUDO, working on the line, announced that it is selling tickets for 5 discount seats. In the statement made by Burulaş, it was stated that the tickets offered for sale at budo.burulas.com.tr with a 60 percent discount can be used between 21 February and 31 March, and there will be no change or refund in sales.
Marmaray trump
On the other hand, İDO AŞ, which operates from the Güzelyalı Quarter of Mudanya, started on February 17, upon the intense demand from the passengers. Kadıköy - He reported that they decided to restart the Yenikapı - Bursa line. In a written statement from İDO, the citizens of Bursa, Yenikapı and Kadıköy It has been stated that they will be included in the metro network of Istanbul. Thanks to the flights, from the arrival of the residents of Bursa to Istanbul, Marmaray and Kadıköy Noting that it will provide transportation to many points on the European and Anatolian Side within 14-30 minutes by using the Kartal metro, the company stated that their goal is to carry 500 thousand passengers on the Bursa - Istanbul line by the end of the year.

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