55 Million Passengers Celebration in Samsun Light Rail System (Photo Gallery)

55 Million Passenger Celebration in Samsun Light Rail System: 3 was introduced to the passengers in the light rail system. Authorities, the province plate code 55'i said they are organizing the event because they care.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Alsim Alarko-Ansaldobreda Consortium 108 million pounds were commissioned and the 3 Light Rail System, which was launched years ago, reached the number of 55 million passengers. In Samsun, where the province plate code 55 was reached 55 million passengers, carnations and chocolates were served at the Cumhuriyet Square stop. Passengers who saw themselves greeted with flowers experienced short-term surprise.
SAMULAŞ Inc. Akın Üner, General Manager, stated that they serve by 19 tram and said ayla We care a lot about 55. As a company serving to Samsun, we have made 55 million passengers special. We organized an event for this, Bun he said.

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