3. airport project is as valuable as Iraqi oil

  1. airport project is as valuable as Iraqi oil: AK Party Gaziantep MP Ali Şahin pointed out that 'Istanbul 3rd Airport is as valuable as Iraqi oil reserves.'
    Chairman of South Asia Strategic Research Center (GASAM) and AK Party Gaziantep Deputy Ali Şahin pointed out that Istanbul 3rd Airport, which is on the agenda with the decision to stop the execution by the court, is as valuable as Iraqi oil reserves. Turkey's AK Party Sahin voicing not use the geo-strategic power and wealth to the ruling, Turkey's Istanbul and Channel 3 with the airport project on air and maritime transport "a powerful hegemony" would constitute voiced. Sahin, said: "Canal Istanbul, the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles straits with Turkey, it will have three of the world's most strategic waterways. The world will be built the largest airport in each plane, the channel said from Istanbul to pay each ship fee, East and West, North and South, which connects Turkey, with this geo-strategic importance will at least have a precious wealth of oil up. Europe and Asia for the first time in Turkey's history, linking North and South transforms geo-strategic importance to the wealth and power. Turkey's geostrategic position with the airport and the Channel Istanbul project to transform the power and wealth as valuable as Iraq's oil reserves.


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