Snow filled ski resorts across Greece

Snow was full of ski resorts throughout Greece: snow in recent days in the cold weather due to the snow on the one hand on the other hand the managers of the skiers on the other side of the winter sports lovers face.

Even at the end of January, ski lovers are getting ready to do their hobbies.

There was heavy snowfall in the Pisoderi region of Florina, but nowadays it is expected to snow in all the ski resorts in Northern Greece. On the other hand, those who want to go to the mountainous areas must have a chain and snow tire in their vehicles.

In Nausa's 3-5 Pigadia ski resort, the artificial snow system is already running. On the other hand, Kaymakçalan in Pella province, Seli in İmahtia province, Vasilitsa in Grevena and Elatohori ski resorts in Pieria were opened. 9 ski center is currently operating in Greece.

As the weather is expected to warm up again on Wednesday, the meteorology predicts snowfall in the mountainous regions after Saturday evening.