Yildirim: I'm horny but I don't have a job with power

Binali Yıldırım, a candidate for the AK Party Izmir Deputy and the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, evaluated the name of CH, his minister, in the corruption and bribery operation against TCDD Izmir Port Authority. Yıldırım, who participated in the election activities in Selçuk district, said, "It is my chimney, but it is not my job with his work and power. said.
Stating that his chimney was out of town and did not escape, Deputy Yıldırım said, “This is a criminal case. The process has begun. It is not possible for us to receive information about a job under investigation. Let the judiciary do its job. If I don't have a chimney, let it be my father, if there is any wrongdoer, he will give an account. Nobody should try to exploit it here and there. The place of residence is determined, they take expenses and do what is necessary. " He spoke in the form. Emphasizing that the allegations that he ran away are not true, Binali Yıldırım said, “What escape? Justice cannot be avoided. What I know was out of town. I guess he has returned, and what is needed is done. said. When asked if he met with him after the operation, he said: “I did not have a meeting with him. It is my chimney, but it is not my job with its work and power We take care of our own business. We do not have the right to convict anyone in advance. They will go, ask questions, take their statements and do what is necessary. He will either be acquitted or sent to court. It's that simple.


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