New transport minister and new references

📩 29/11/2018 18:13

New Transport Minister and New References: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Lütfi Elvan first took office after announcing the figures for 2013 after taking over from Binali Yıldırım. Minister Elvan stated that High Speed ​​Trains (YHT) carried 2013 million passengers in 4.5, and this figure will exceed 2014 million in 20 with the opening of the Istanbul-Ankara YHT line and said, “2014 will be the YHT record year”. Unfortunately, there is a minister who does not like the word "record", but is every increase a record? It is necessary to focus a little on it. Minister Elvan pointed out that there were important developments in aviation with the decision to liberalize civil aviation, which was put into practice in 2003, and emphasized that there has been a significant increase in the number of passengers traveling by plane every year in the last 11 years, and the increase in 2013 has peaked. It is true, it is true that there is no need to say that this growth is managed by Turkish Airlines (THY) extraordinarily and that our airlines such as Pegasus, Onur and Sunexpress follow it. However, how well it is managed by the Ministry of Transport and its related organizations (SHGM, DHMI) is controversial.
Transport Minister Elvan at the nose of the flower points out that in 2013, an important record was broken by exceeding 14.6 million passengers in aviation, with an increase of 150 percent compared to the previous year. However, for example, by dividing the number of 76 million passengers in domestic lines, I should underline that the real figure should be reached. Because of the current system, we should not forget the fact that the passenger traveling between Istanbul and Erzurum is counted twice at two different points. After this note, I believe that it would be more correct for Mr. Elvan to give reference instead of 2002 considering other issues. Because the 2002 values ​​have already lost the feature of being a reference at the point we reached.
Figures 3. what does he say to the airport?
Unfortunately, the infrastructures built in the last 11 years have not contributed much to the development of the Turkish civil aviation sector. The real contribution was made with the mentality revolution. Because today, 95% of air traffic takes place from our cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir. In other words, by using the existing infrastructure in 2002, developments have been achieved by opening the way for its use. So none of these are reconstructed investments. Only improvements were made late in the existing squares in line with the decisions taken in 2002 and before.
Let us now come to Minister Elvan's 3rd airport approach: “The geographical location and the developments in our civil aviation make our country a natural hub. Considering these developments, it was decided that Atatürk Airport, which is present in Istanbul, would be inadequate, and the 150rd airport with a capacity of 3 million passengers was built in Istanbul. ”
This explanation needs explanation. Because THY's growth plans emerged in 2005-20062007-2008, when Atatürk Airport will not meet its demand in its current form. But let me state with sadness that the Ministry of Transport and related organizations could not see this truth. He could not reveal such a vision. It was too late. The capacity of Ataturk Airport could be increased in the years when THY showed growth performance, its target and plans were determined, and a terminal specific to THY could be launched. In fact, a tender could be made for the third airport in those years. But none was done. Why?
Because with the approach of the State Airports Authority (DHMİ) and other bureaucrats from Ankara, the period of managing the air traffic of Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and other cities has already passed. But Ankara does not want to accept it. If there is no such vision, let's be ready to hear the screams of domestic and foreign airlines, especially THY, from this year due to the capacity problem. To the attention of the Minister!


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