We stayed in winter tourism

We failed the class in winter tourism: The number of hotels open this winter in Alanya has fallen far below the previous years. TÜRSAB President Çavuşoğlu said, “Hotels in Kundu, Side and Belek regions are open and they are much more active in winter tourism than Alanya”.

Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) Alanya Regional Executive Committee (BYK) Chairman Suat Cavusoglu, the number of hotels that are open during the winter, he said much reduced compared to previous years. Çavuşoğlu said, “Hotels in Kundu, Side and Belek regions are open. Winter tourism must come to Alanya. When activities such as Akdağ Ski Center, golf courses and sports tourism are held in Alanya, closed hotels will be opened and employment will be created for winter. As TÜRSAB, we are trying to take sports activities to Alanya. We provide information to tour operators. We are trying to promote Konaklı Congress Center for congress tourism. We will be more effective with local governments. If Akdağ Ski Center and golf areas projects are realized, we will introduce them very well abroad. We will introduce Konaklı Congress Center abroad at the moment, ”he said.

Speaking about the situation of the winter customer, Çavuşoğlu said, “There is still an economic crisis in Europe. There is little increase compared to previous years. We took that increase to Alanya, but actually we could not. Other regions are more active than us. Hotels in other regions are doing better than us. Some of our hotels are ready for winter tourism. Tourists coming for cultural tourism stay in the Okurcalar region. We are almost the same compared to last year. We are 4-5 percent higher than our expectations. In fact, our expectations were higher. Egypt was doing winter tourism. We lost our expectations this to other destinations in Turkey. An intensive hotel construction took place in Side. Currently, most hotels are open in that area, so they are reducing prices. Because they lower prices, they become uncompetitive with them. Our prices are almost the same as Side. People still prefer that area more. We need to realize these projects as soon as possible. Let's not think of sports activities as just football. There are many more sports. "Alanya needs to be prepared for social activities."