Train is very important for Kocaeli

Train is very important for Kocaeli: Izmit has been waiting for trains for more than three years. The high-speed train between Istanbul and Ankara was promised on October 29. It didn't work… It was said that "the train will run until the end of the year", it didn't happen again. The last term of the AKP officials was "The train is complete until January 15". This did not happen either. Now it is said that "the train runs before 30 March". But no one gives any information to the public. Minister Binali Yıldırım closely followed the High Speed ​​Train business, coming from time to time and squeezing the contractor.
Now, Binali Yildınm also left the ministry and works for local elections in Izmir. Metropolitan brought the tram to Anıtpark and it is exhibiting. But nobody talks about the train. When will the High Speed ​​Train run? Will the suburban train start between Istanbul-Adapazarı with the High Speed ​​Train? They do not touch this issue. There is not even a person to answer the questions, let alone making an effort to solve the problem. At this rate, I think the train will not catch until the 30 March elections. Someone should go out and inform the public about this. Moreover, if a maturity is given for the train this time, it should be ensured that this term is kept.




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