Varda Bridge was the gate of income

The Varda Bridge became an income gate: The bridge, located in the village of Hacıkırı (Kiralan) in the central Karaisalı district, known as the “Big Bridge” by the local people, is also known as the German bridge because it was built by the Germans. The bridge, built with the steel cage stone knitting technique, was built in 1888 to complete the Istanbul-Baghdad-Hejaz Railway line with an agreement signed by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II and German Emperor Kaiser Willhem.
Köprü is having the most active days of his history after the action scenes of “Skyfall”, the latest series of the movie “James Bond”. The bridge, which takes place in the memories with actor Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond in the movie Skyfall, has become a place frequented by many visitors who are passionate about nature, history and photography. After getting on the train in Adana in the morning, after getting off at Hacıkırı Station and visiting the bridge and its surroundings, it returns to the city by train again. With the increasing number of visitors, the Varda Bridge has created a new bread gate for the village people. Some villagers offer the local flavors of Adana to local and foreign tourists in the places they create around the bridge. Mustafa Avcı, one of the villagers, stated that after the movie "Skyfall", especially on weekends, many people came to the bridge and spent time here.


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