Police minibus in Uşak collided with train 2 police injured

Usakta Police van collided with the train 2 police wounded: Uşak on the Atatürk Boulevard known as the Kipa junction at the crossroads in Denizli known train crossed with a police van crossing. In the accident, two police officers were injured.
A traffic accident occurred as a result of the collision of the police minibus and the vagone-free locomotive at the crossing at Denizli at 01: 10 waters last night. Returning to the center of the Uşak Police Department Robbery Branch 64 KA 382 license plate minibus with a vagon-free locomotive coming from Afyon headed by a large noise. Two police officers were injured in the accident in the police van. 112 emergency aid teams removed to the scene of the injured police officers learned that the state of the good at the crossing of the level of trains.



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