Spring break in Uludağ: Snow thickness increases

Uludağda termtime abundance: a winter semester holidays in ski resorts in Turkey who artıyor.kurak snow came thick lush. Snow in the last days of snowfall in the region of the snow zone 25 centimeter reached.

Ski and winter tourism in the major centers of snow in the snow thickness 25 centimeters rose. According to the data of Bursa Meteorology Directorate, snowfall started after the long rainfall period and continues to be effective in the region and hotels. In the region of Uludag ski resort hotels yesterday, the thickness of the snow measured in 20 centimeters increased to 25 centimeters today. In Uludağ, the air temperature was measured as 2 below day zero. It is expected that snowfall will continue at intervals until Wednesday evening in Uludağ and the snow thickness is expected to exceed 30 centimeter.
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The holiday holiday in Uludag, which has been experiencing high intensity due to the holiday season, brought joy to both businesses and holidaymakers.