Turkey's first underground crossing the bridge opens

Turkey's first underground crossing the bridge opens: Turkey's first metro bridge crossing the Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge, after the time trial and the final touches are scheduled to enter service in February.
According to the information received from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the construction of the bridge, one of the most important stages of the Istanbul Metro, has come to an end.
The bridge, which began to be built on January 200, 2, on average 2009 meters south of the current Unkapanı Bridge, was built with the “curved cable-stayed” system applied in advanced technological bridges around the world.
The middle rail system is open to the pedestrian zone and the 460 meter is on the sea. The 936 meter has an 4 foot in the water. The bridge sits on two feet of 47 meters high in the middle of the sea. The 13 meter, the 12,6 meter, has a folding section on Unkapanı.
The Golden Horn station on the bridge was built in 8 meter length in accordance with 180 wagon operation.
During the studies, a total of 16 exploration drillings were carried out, 9 on land (7 on the Beyoğlu side and 4 on the Unkapanı side) and 20 on the Golden Horn. During the construction, 51 pieces of piles that were manufactured in Portugal and brought to the Golden Horn in three times were driven.
Each of these piles designed as a result of the analyzes made taking into account the seismicity of the Golden Horn, faulting condition, ground conditions, and the mud layer of the Golden Horn base, were designed according to the final load value of 4700 tons. The bridge cost 180 million lira.
Thanks to the Haliç Metro Pass Bridge, passengers getting on the metro from Hacıosman will reach the Yenikapı transfer station without interruption. Here with the Marmaray connection Kadıköy- It will be able to reach Kartal, metro connection, Bakırköy-Atatürk Airport or Bağcılar-Olimpiyatköyü-Başakşehir in a short time.
The stations on the subway lines can be reached by passing through the turnstile and reaching the station after the turnstile.
Pedestrian crossings will be free from the bridge, which also has a view terrace.
1 million people are expected to cross the bridge, which is expected to contribute significantly to the solution of Istanbul's traffic problem.
The test runs on the Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge, which started on January 10, continue successfully.
Construction work was completed on the bridge, which was completed to a large extent, the walking merpen, the only stop on the bridge glass coating and lighting poles were installed.
After the completion of the end of the bridge is expected to open in February.

Source : ekonomi.milliyet.com.t is

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