The painful end of the deer under the train

The bitter end of the deer beneath the train: The train wreck in northern Sweden resembled an animal slaughter. The reindeer, who live in northern Europe and circulate in groups, could not escape from being overwhelmed when they preferred the railroad in the harsh winter conditions.
A passenger train traveling in the Lappland region nearly crushed all of it before it noticed about 50 reindeer advancing in front of it and applied the brakes. In the first statements they gave after the incident, the passengers stated that the scenery was too bad to look at and that it almost resembled an animal slaughter. Fredrik Rodendahl, Regional Director of Norwegian Railways. kazanHe made an interesting point in his statement about the cause of the death and the death of so many reindeer. Director Rodendahl said in a statement to the press, “The fact that the reindeer sprints on the right path rather than running around in times of danger has resulted in a high death toll. Think; Although the train hit the brakes as soon as it saw the animals, no deer ran left or right at a stopping distance of about 1 kilometer.” said.

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