Is Trabzona light rail required

Trabzona light rail system is required: Trabzon, light rail system or whether or not the discussions continue.
Trabzon Governor's Office, Trabzon Municipality and Trabzon Police Department conducted various studies in order to solve this problem. However, the shortage of the growing population and settlement areas, the inadequacy of the roads and the lack of public transport have caused the transportation problem to remain on the agenda.
In order to solve this transportation problem in recent years, it is expected to switch to light rail system in Trabzon. Some say that this system is very necessary for Trabzon and that it should be done urgently, while some of them argue that such an investment is not very economical and that Trabzon's transportation problem can be solved in different ways.
Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning, Head of Department Assoc. Dr. Cenap Sancar'e found.
Asserting that planning decisions in medium-sized settlements are incomplete, decisions regarding transportation are always in the second place. Dr. Cenap Sancar made his statement as follows.
More structured demands are tried to be met. Where commercial areas can be in the density of residential areas. The new hospital areas, depending on the size of the shopping mall areas, ie the size of this city, consist of a constant demand size. As this is unfortunately a political one, the plans are intervened so much that plans are becoming problematic plans. Again in solving this, we can say that planning is the job but intervention to each plan creates another problem. Now, there is this problem in the entire Black Sea region. This problem in the 1960-56-60'li years passed the coast. So the current coastal road is the decision of the 1960. In the previous years there were coastal sea transportation or transportation in the interior. But after this road was made, it attracted the whole settlement. In other words, there is a settlement on the coast at rates up to% 70-% 80.
Currently in the Black Sea Region, all cities in the coastal rural, urban density in these regions as well. Of course, in such a settlement, the road on the coast naturally causes an incredible vehicle density. Now you will do a nice transportation study, plan for the removal of this density. Urban transportation plans need to be made. Unfortunately, in our countries, the deficient side is that the city is always in the south or east west additions are made. Of course, such a transport study is not done, that is to say that the municipalities have achieved this. We carried out the study of transportation study, but the plan does not mean that a traffic arrangement in the plan, ie an urban transportation study, is only carried out in order to implement the project. You'il see it all.
Only in the city where the input is almost all the city, how much density is in the city. What is the day of the unity of how much public transport is coming, how much private vehicles are used in the city center. You don't have a chance to get away from traffic jams as long as you take people in the center with private cars or minibuses like us. What is the option to spread the central areas of everyone will not go to the center, so other centers need to focus. Or you need to support public transport at work.
Now, in this context, once all the politicians are experiencing an investment poverty, which is also caused by their economic constraints. Because of the opening of new vertical boulevards, new parallel roads need to be opened and they should be supported with public transportation. This community can be a light rail system, something that can come from your demand. How we can make sea transportation effective in this direction needs to be researched.
Now formerly the rail system in the city center was probably 200-250 a thousand people, but now we have an influence in Akçaabat from Yomra with Trabzon being a metropolitan area. This is the 300-400 bin. If you include the projection population, 450-1500 means a thousand inhabitants. Of course, the disadvantage is that we have places divided by many valleys. We have settlements. In other words, if you take the light rail system from the inside, you have to build a viaduct and a tunnel. Because the population is not a flexible type of transportation in the right area, ie a disadvantage of the light spring system. People need to be able to have easy access to places where there is a dense population. So when I get out of my house, let me say that 2-3 is within a walking distance of minutes. I need to get to the station. In this sense, I can say that the city is problematic when you look at it. It is not unresolved, but it is a problem throughout the city because of its intense construction. The road to be used in this sense is not wide. If only we had the tangent on these days, we would have been able to define a route on the edge of his median.
When we look at this, economics is something about carrying capacity. With the number of passengers it carries, because the operating costs are the most expensive transportation types. The costs of operation in terms of operating costs are difficult because the stations will be stall points when you look systematically. In fact, it is a transportation type with high operating costs. Train, subway light rail. Light rail is always accepted for this area when a mobility is accepted on the surface. The most convenient place seems to be the coastal road. But we don't have a comfortable or safe pedestrian backbone to carry to these points. In other words, people can move to the beach where people can reach the beach without traffic.
Why the buses always to the front of the houses as much as trying to enter. Because people are ready to stop the minibus to stop the ride will determine its own place. There is no definition of stop. Our buses are such that buses are very difficult to get to every point due to the nature of the roads in the buses. Road widths also limit this. When we look at it, it can be a coastal problem. In other words, people need to define a route that will take the old Trabzon High School to Fatih. It is quite difficult to make from the surface where the cost is also incredibly high. This feasibility study should be done. So the capacity of the passenger capacity building is something that needs to be evaluated together with the input and output costs, ie, only the capacity of the passenger to sit alone is not enough. This is not right to say that investment. In any case, it is not correct to say that it should be done. So if you look at the problem as a transportation problem, you need a system like this, but if you try to analyze the problems of the city in the planning formation, you will alleviate the traffic load.
When the projection population and that backbone are considered, there is a serious population from Yomra to Akcaabat. This light rail system will draw the stop points of the station points, so this is not something to stay with just investment. It doesn't mean we can do this alone. Transportation study work has to be done. Absolute need to be done. This is something that's done in xnumx'n% in all cities of Turkey. There seems to be a problem in the sense that plans do not have a gradual association. Now I'm going to do the lesson of the mayor of the municipality, regardless of whether it is a mutual or even if it is not realistic. I'm trying to say that something happens politically. I'm trying to say that it's not just the investment cost of the road, but the investment costs. In other words, there are operating costs, and the burdens of that function have to be done. So what kind of problems brings, what analysis brings. Because you think it is a stop in the rubble, the people who will come to the rubble should be transferred to the interior. Or you have to bring people who will come to the rubble from the interior with a comfortable traffic.
Here we said the Kanuni Boulevard, it does not seem very economical for today, but after 20 years there will be a serious population density. In other words, when we think about the 20 year after, the route becomes meaningful if it comes to Teana. Because people make the choice of how the economy looks at the go and go to their money. It is meaningful to go by metro and it is meaningful both in terms of time and money. It also reflects the quality of the construction.
Plans have a light spring system passing through Maras. It's not just his infrastructure that ends with moving underground. I need to identify the exit points from somewhere. When you look at the entrance of the station ie where you have in Maras. There's no place. This means you have to make expropriation at certain points. This is not a very easy thing. In Maraş, it is not possible to make expropriation at regular intervals in a place with 20-50 bin m2. It looks very imaginative in him. So this is not something that will not happen, but considering the new development areas, if the 20 year 30 will be invested in the next year, it can be defined on more recent routes.
I know it is difficult to decide whether to invest it is even harder to start. It's a difficult thing for a politician. It's so hard to think about it. But I just said that if the region is solved by thinking about the whole city, the population criterion disappears. If you associate it with the university, the university population is 30 thousand, in the simplest sense that all students 10 is here but the other one is staying somewhere else in the city. Akcaabat'dan grab here up to 17 district, town municipality there is a significant factor considering the population criterion, but sometimes the problems of the city to create solutions to the economy can be thrown into the second row. I'm talking about two kinds of difficult but not a single criterion, the whole of the city as a whole look at the problem we have to comment on it. It should be considered not only the subway but the light rail system as well as the other integrated transport systems.

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