The first wedding train in Russia began to travel

The first wedding train in Russia started its voyages: This tourism project was developed for the newlyweds and for those who wish to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding.
The Russian railway company is one of the world's largest transport companies. The number of transported by Russian railways per year is over one billion. The Russian railway company allows tourists to travel by train other than transporting passengers. During New Year's Eve, Russia travels by train, including Siberia, travels to the Baltic cities, the city of Nis, Paris. Ir The wedding train ir is one of the newly developed tourism projects of the company.
The "wedding train" project was planned to be implemented as early as 2007. But only nowadays opportunities have opened up to realize this. As the officials of the Russian Railways company say, propagating marriage and family values ​​is one goal of this project. The train consists of 5 luxury passenger cars, a SW wagon, a restaurant and a bar carriage and headquarters wagon. The comfortable two-person compartments in the wagons have shower and toilet sections. Red is the primary color in train design. It is possible that the train will cover the church carriage in the future. Newlyweds will be able to have a religious wedding there. An entertainment program awaits those traveling by train.
Ir Nikah train geliştiril is a project developed for newlyweds who are going on a honeymoon trip and those who want to have a good anniversary. The first expedition of the ate wedding train gor was made from Moscow to Veliky Novgorod. The Double6 couple traveled on this romantic trip by train. l0 is more than a year ago they were married railroad workers.
The Russian railway company plans to develop this project as a commercial project in the future. Couples have individual and group travel. Newlyweds can go to Russia or foreign countries with their guests on a ya wedding train ya.
On the day of Lovers this year, it is possible to go to Paris for the wedding by the “wedding train Bu. Expeditions to the city of Murom, the hometown of Fevroniya, are planned with the saints Pötr, the saints of family and loyalty protectors.

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