The biggest railway strike in South Korean history

The biggest rail strike in South Korea's history: In South Korea, the 22 strike the mechanics who struck for the day and decided to resume the job by the intervention of the parliament.
The longest-running mechanic strike in South Korea's history has finally come to an end. The 22 National Railways Trade Union (UDIS), which has been on strike for days, announced the end of the strike with the introduction of parliament. The UDIS stated in its official statement that the workers should leave the 2 days for the usual work to be done.
In South Korea, the 3 week before the new government decided to privatize the Suseo Line, which was always hurt, lifted up the mechanics. The prolongation of the strike of the UDİS and the disturbances in the train and metro lines began to disturb the citizens. Government officials, the UDİS 's decision to strike the law was separate, UDIS officials have issued a warrant of arrest. With the growing of events, the parliament has taken the situation.
The relevant commission parties in the South Korean Parliament brought together. The talks that started last night gave the fruit today. After the talks, UDIS announced the decision to end the strike. UDİS Council President Kim Myung-hwan said that it was unnecessary to not disturb the citizens, and that the parties reached a basic agreement under the parliamentary framework.

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