Vacationers Stuck on the Road due to Snowfall

Vacationers Stuck on the Road Due to Snowfall: Vacationers who came to Kartalkaya after the start of the semester break were stranded on the road due to heavy snowfall and icing. Snow depth reached 65 centimeters in Kartalkaya due to the snowfall that has been continuing since last night. The rest of the vacationers put chains on their vehicles due to snowfall and icing, and some had to return. The hotels in the ski center reached 95 percent occupancy. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), İbrahim Barı, who came to holiday Kartalkaya from Ankara, said that although his vehicle had winter tires, he had a chain installed due to heavy snowfall. Stating that he preferred Kartalkaya due to its proximity to the capital, Barı said, “Kartalkaya Ski Center is a place preferred by everyone. We come here all the time after learning to ski. This year the snow is a little late. "We were delighted that it snowed during the semester break."