Tata Steel to supply rail to French rail operator

Tata Steel to supply rail to French rail operator: Indian steel giant Tata Steel has signed a contract with the French rail operator SNCF for two years to supply over 200.000 mt of rail. Under the contract, Tata Steel will meet most of SNCF's rail needs with rails of up to 108 meters in length produced at the Hayange plant in northern France.
In a statement made by Tata Steel, it was stated that the heat treatment plant, in which the company invested € 12 million at the Hayange plant, was commissioned. With the new facility, Tata Steel's heat-treated rail production capacity will increase twice from 55.000 mt to 125.000 mt per year. In 2011, Tata Steel had invested € 108 million in Hayange plant to produce 35 meters long rails.
The Hayange plant is equipped with 108 meter-long rails as well as shorter rails used to improve performance and reduce costs.

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Günceleme: 29/11/2018 18:09

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