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Tarik Cengiz listened to the problems of the drivers: Republican People's Party (CHP) candidate for the Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Tarik Cengiz spent all day in Samsun city lines as a part of his travels, Atakum, 4. KarşıyakaVisited the minibuses 3.Hat and 2.Hat. He met with the drivers and the line owners and listened to their problems.
Cengiz, who started his program with the Atakum line, was accompanied by Atakum Mayor Metin Burma, Atakum Municipal Council Members İbrahim Saraç, Yaşar Sungur, and CHP Atakum District President Ali Ekber Bolat. With line owners and drivers in the breakfast environment sohbet CHP Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Tarık Cengiz claimed in his speech that the light rail system was operated by imposition. Cengiz said, “There is a serious transportation problem in Samsun. Both citizens and minibus shopkeepers suffer from transportation. As the light rail system has to carry 70.000 passengers per day with the contract, it is operated by imposing this system by changing the routes of minibuses and minibuses by compelling people. said.
Cengiz stated that the routes will change with the old system again, “On the morning of March 31, I have only one job to tear the UKOME decision taken. You will work as before. But I hear that there are crazy projects, I do not find the projects believable as we will dig it underground, because the places you think are the coastline, the coast, our people will be victims in any disaster.
Touching on the money collected from minibuses and minibuses under the name of Samsunspor, Tarık Cengiz said, “I have been an executive and assistant in Samsunspor for 14 years. They sold the lines and said that the money will go to Samsunspor, there is no such money in Samsunspor. Why did you give this for Samsunspor? I am definitely saying that such money is not available in Samsunspor. "It is not clear where those money is going, so now, nobody should try to use Samsunspor, do not make materials for politics." One of the drivers expressed his complaint, "I cannot ask for an account that I invested 3000 TL, what kind of law and what kind of justice do they have, are they not afraid of Allah."
Tarık Cengiz, who was welcomed everywhere he went with love and enthusiasm, said that the tradesmen wanted to see Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz among them and wanted to explain their problems. Cengiz said, “Of course, he must visit, he must be in touch with the people you call the president, and they must listen to their problems. This is the main duty of the mayor. ”

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