Süleyman Karaman called to the railway with teleconference

Süleyman Karaman called teleconferences to the railwaymen: The last of the teleconference meetings held each week under the chairmanship of TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman was held on 20 January 2014 with the participation of all department heads and regional directorates.
The meetings focused on the progress of the projects followed by the Departments and Regional Directorates and the final status of the High Speed ​​Train Projects.
In the meeting where the problems encountered in the institution were expressed and solutions were produced, measures were taken to reduce the loss of locomotive time losses and to prevent energy losses.
General Manager Süleyman Karaman, 25 2013 157 XNUMX in the meeting since the date of the XNUMX annual railroads to reduce the news and made some explanations about the efforts to create public opinion.
Karaman: ?? being played, the GCC and completed the judicial process, starting from the investigation of a tender made the necessary inspections Turkey ?? s memory and an organization with a future, its employees, leaving under suspicion of large demiryolc families with pensioners we are hurt deeply ?? said.
General Manager Karaman? An investigation that has not yet started the trial? TCDD is doing corruption ?? We think that it is unfair for the railroaders to be presented to the public in the form of railroads, who even met the railway with great joy? expressed his feelings in his words.
Railroaders succeeded together…
Karaman said in his speech that, as of 2003, railways were re-state policies, and the successes of the railroads were achieved.
1366 kilometers high-speed rail line, including the new railway 1724 kilometers we have made with you. Turkey ?? y Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Eskişehir, Konya and Eskisehir-Eskisehir-Istanbul YHT line will open soon with the world ?? eighth European countries have upgraded to the sixth position.
Some of the 100 years have been renewed along with the 8 bin 200 mileage, including roads that have not been renewed for a hundred and fifty years. Turkey ?? y of its rail, its traverse, its high-speed trains scissors, their way connection materials, their train set, its national signaling systems, summarizes discontinued locals so far in the rail industry many things we brought along its own producing country.
National High Speed ​​Train and National Electric / Diesel train project. As in the case of Izmir, we have developed unique solutions for urban rail system projects. Turkey's century-old dream ?? n ?? s Marmaray've done; We built the missing link of the modern Silk Railway; We put this work into the service of our nation. We increased the competitiveness of our country by establishing the Logistics Centers which connect the production centers and the organized industrial zones to the ports by rail.
Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Izmir and Bursa High Speed ​​Train projects in the short term by launching these lines to bring our country work day and night ?? said.
Railroad is a Noble Duty…
As to the General Manager Karaman agenda, it is not possible to explain the image and reputation of an 157 annual organization with its unproven allegations. We know that in all regions, 7 work in the 1535 region, the railway staff at every level working in the XNUMX work to ensure the development of our country and the railways to stand up. said.
In order to achieve all the works that we counted and to present it to the service of our nation, 11 has made 110.000 contracts in a short period of time and has made a serious effort and effort by making a great effort and managing them.
The press is concerned with two of the tens of thousands of tenders, namely bilge and crane works. In fact, our Board of Inspectors also examined the issue of bilge. He hadn't seen any judicial problems. Crane tenders were passed from the Public Procurement Authority and the court and the accuracy of all works performed by TCDD was determined. We have given such a situation to our friends in the provincial and all kinds of humanitarian support and we give. We trust Turkish justice. We believe this is a temporary process. continued with the words.
While Karaman thanked the railwaymen in this process, it should be clear that the railway family made efforts to ensure that these works were correct, as well as the effort they made to transform these gigantic works into service. I would like to thank all the railroads separately for their efforts. said.

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