Snow-rich Palandöken of the year

Year's profit-rich Palandöken: Erzurum Turkey this month, while the majority starved land because of drought problems in Palandöken Ski Center ski resort, had resolved to artificial snow. The snow level on the tracks exceeded the 40 centimeter with rainy weather from last week. After Xanadu, this year, the Polat Renaissance Hotel equipped its runways with artificial snow machines and illuminated it for night skiing.

World Universities Winter Games held in Erzurum 2011 700 million pounds of modern skiing centers have been established with the investment, Palandöken had gone ahead of its competitors in winter tourism. The competition between Xanadu and Polat Renaissance hotels further increased the quality this year. After Xanadu, Polat Renaissance also set up an artificial snow system on its tracks, lighted and opened to night skiing.
Palandoken Ski Center, International 15 kilometers from Erzurum Airport, 2 thousand meters above the altitude. According to The New York Times, the best 41 ski resort in the world. Palandöken attracts the attention of the Russians. Ukraine, Poland, Iran and Azerbaijan are also staying at hotels.

Palandoken season opened in the first week of December 60 centimeter with snow. Artificial snow was produced by using water in the pond of the Special Provincial Administration in the arid period. However, after a period of water depleted, water transport to the agenda came with tankers. Nevertheless, the skiing continued. Before the winter games of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the pond was not used this year due to water leaks. When the snow level reached 40 centimeters in the middle of last week, the problem was solved.


The most important innovation in Palandöken this year is the 5 million dollar investment made by Polat Holding to the Polat Renaissance Hotel. A small pond was built for the production of artificial snow under the small Dragon Mountain. The 40-meter section of the 8 kilometer was illuminated to provide night skiing. Mechanical facilities were established for skiers. The new runway 400 was opened in January with a ceremony attended by Erzurum Governor Ahmet Altıparmak and Polat Holding Chairman Ibrahim Polat.
Even though there was no snowfall in Palandöken, the number of runways that can be made at night skiing has reached two, when the appropriate weather temperature conditions are realized. The Xanadu Sonw White Hotel, a pioneer in this field, added an 800 lift to its mechanical facilities and increased the length of the FIS-approved runway to 12. The total length of the hotel's mechanical facilities found the 2 kilometer. In addition, the hotel's new snowboard and toboggan runways. The Xanadu illuminated runways are open until 20.00. The condition of the tracks can be viewed from the cameras on the hotel's website.


Mechanical installations at the Palandoken Ski Center 2 start at a thousand meters altitude. 130 cabin gondola lift and 8 separate mechanical facility ski lovers deliver the 3140 meter at the altitude to the Dragon Hill. The two-stage journey in the gondola lift takes 15 minutes. The mechanical plant is capable of carrying 8800 people per hour. It is possible to use the 12 separate runway at the descent from the Great Dragon Hill. The maximum distance without stopping is 10 kilometers.
Hotels free of charge to runners and ski lifts. On the other hand, it pays 30 TL per day. Diary of other mechanical installations 35 TL. Located in the west of Palandöken Mountain and surrounded by mountains around Konaklı Ski Center 6 mechanical facility. 2 is capable of carrying 6 thousand people per hour lifts starting from a thousand meters altitude. Konaklı's 3100 summit peaks 800 and 3 range from 11 to a thousand meters.
All mechanical facilities belonging to the Privatization Administration in Palandöken and Konaklı operate smoothly. There are problems with the ski jumping towers on Kiremitlik Hill and the ski runs in Kandilli. However, ice-skating, ice-hockey, figure skating and curling rooms in the city center are filled with children and young people from primary school to university.

140 TL

In the ski resorts of Palandöken and Konaklı, 35 ski instructor is working. One-hour private skiing course 140 TL. As the number of people increases, the fee falls to 60 TL. Xanadu Snow White Hotel's ski school fare is 190 TL. In Slalom Sport, the ski suit 40, snawboard 35, pants and jacket skiing 40 TL is rented daily. 7 daily ski suit rental at Xanadu is 195 TL.


Night shows are growing

The five-star, 232-roomed hotel has extended its number of suites to 7 this year. SPA, indoor pool, games and conference rooms, ski room. Full board service including drinks. The runways, which are open at night, include the use of mechanical facilities. Every day at Mangal Restaurant, there are casseroles and appetizers offered between 19.00 and 01.00. Night shows are held. 300 TL per person, and then 215 TL. Bed and Breakfast 125 (0 442 232 00 10)

Double Winners

5-star, 181-room hotel awarded the “Best Sports Tourism Hotel Investment” in 2012 and 2013 kazanwas. Shang-Du SPA Wellness Center is established on an area of ​​2500 square meters. The hotel has an indoor pool, ski room, disco, hairdresser, boutique, market. At the 'Penguin Kids Club', which serves skiers with children for 9.00 Euros between 16.00 and 40, outdoor and indoor activities are held throughout the day. In addition to the tracks, some of which are illuminated at night, there is a sled run, snow tubing and mini curling, and a snow park for children. Full board is 490 TL per person on the weekend, 650 TL for a couple, 550 TL for a single person per semester, 730 TL for a couple. (0442 230 30 30)

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15 Intensive until February

The first hotel in Palandöken with 3 stars, 187 rooms. SPA, pool, sports, games and conference rooms. It is possible to skate from the door of the hotel without using a mechanical facility. Every evening the animation show is held on Saturday nights with a torch ski show. On weekends, snow shows, sausage-bread and hot wine parties are organized. The hotel has made a discount of 25 in prices compared to the previous year. Last week bookings reached 95. 270 TL per person per person in the semester, and then 200 TL. (0442 316 24 14)

Price not changed in semester

4 stars. 113 standard, 18 suite, 25 duplex room, 2 is the king suite. SPA, pool, sports, games, conference rooms. The city also provides hotel services. Single room with breakfast 120 TL, double occupancy 200 TL. Full board double person 250 TL including drinks. (0442 317 07 07)

66 odayla boutique service

Dedeman Palandöken Ski Lodge has 66 room, which provides boutique hotel service. SPA, sports, games, conference rooms and ski rooms. 230 TL per person, including all-inclusive, followed by 165 TL. (0442 317 05 01)

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