Snow rafting enjoyment of journalists

Enjoy the snow rafting Journalist: Palandöken Ski Center, which is one of Turkey's major ski resorts Polish journalists enjoy making snow rafting.

In addition to skiing, sledding and snowboarding, snow rafting started to attract attention at Palandöken Ski Center. 80 Polish journalists who spent their holidays in Erzurum experienced adrenaline by snow rafting on the runway of the Polat Renaissance Hotel.

Poland's Ambassador to Ankara Mieczyslaw Cieniuch, Polish Ambassador Yusuf Ziya Özcan accompanied the snow rafting, while Erzurum Governor Ahmet Altıparmak was watching.

Governor Ahmet Altıparmak Erzurum ski not only in Turkey, said that with the world's leading centers. Stating that Erzurum has an important potential not only in skiing but also in different sports branches, Altıparmak said, “Local and foreign tourists coming to Erzurum are almost enchanted by the magnificent view they see here. We are preparing the specially prepared snow rafting track for local and foreign tourists, which is not available anywhere else in the world. "Only snow rafting will be done on this track," he said.


Stating that 21 tracks are actively serving at the same time in Erzurum and the snow depths are at the top level, Altıparmak continued as follows:

"There is enough snow in many parts of our country and 21 ski slopes anywhere in Turkey does not open at the same time. However, in Erzurum, we are building 21 tracks open and the world's only snow rafting track to Erzurum. Our guests coming from Turkey and abroad cannot hide their surprise when they see the ski resorts in our city. Erzurum's news published in international magazines is an important advantage in the promotion of this region. Palandöken and Konaklı are among the few centers not only in our country but also in the world. The runway lengths here are unlike any other. It has an important potential now with its track length and track diversity. You have the opportunity to slip at any time, whether day or night. "

Altıparmak stated that they have prepared different activities for local and foreign tourists coming to Erzurum, among them snow rafting. Emphasizing that the runway prepared for snow rafting, which has attracted attention in the world in recent years, will be opened soon, Altıparmak said:

“Currently, studies are continuing at Konaklı Ski Center. We are preparing a place that is the only snow rafting track in the world where rafting races on snow will be held with our local and foreign tourists. Only snow rafting will be done on this track. In other words, while people enjoy skiing on the one hand, they will do rafting on the snow on the other. The runway will be completely reliable with right and left slopes and you will have the chance to watch from the edge. Snow rafting will be a new sport that will show itself from now on. There will be slopes that we call rafting tracks on the tracks with very enjoyable night lighting. It needs to be a track that will generate adrenaline. Snow rafting will be a different social activity among winter sports.

Polish Ambassador Yusuf Ziya Ozcan also said that the bilateral relations between Turkey and Poland in the very top level, said they recently showed great interest in Erzurum Polish tourists.

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