Sivas Mayor Ürgüp visited TÜDEMSAŞ

Mayor of Sivas, Ürgüp visited TÜDEMSAŞ: Mayor Ürgüp first met with the tradesmen of Mavi Çarşı for breakfast in this context. Mayor Ürgüp, who provided information about the activities to be held in the Blue Bazaar and other areas after breakfast, asked the prayers and support of the tradesmen in the elections.
Later, Mayor Ürgüp visited the shopkeepers behind the Old Court Market and Tailors Bazaar and shook hands with all the citizens. sohbet Mayor Ürgüp, who was welcomed and supported by trades and citizens with great satisfaction and kindness, asked for an evaluation to be made in the elections, taking into account the 5-year service period.
President Ürgüp then visited TÜDEMSAŞ and met with General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan.
Speaking on his courtesy visit, President Ürgüp thanked TÜDEMSAŞ's history and the value it added to the Sivas economy and thanked all the staff working in this institution.
After the speeches, Mayor Ürgüp visited all the administrative buildings and workshops in the factory and shook hands with the employees. sohbet found the opportunity to do.
Continuing intensive visiting traffic, President Ürgüp also accepted Sivas Armenian Community leader Yervant Durmazgüler and priest Krikor Damadyan in his office.



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